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All-Pro Passer, Wubble & Smithsonian Toys at Target

I received products at no cost to review. Post contains affiliate links which means if you click and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission. Thank you!

I rarely accept offers to review items, but when I saw the All-Pro Passer Robotic Quarterback toy was included in the review bundle of toys available at Target, I knew my 10-year old would love it. He’s been obsessed with football for a while and played Pony football last year. I’ll throw the ball with him, and he and my husband will play, but I’m not the best at it, ha!

The toy takes 4 C batteries (not included) and it took us some time to figure it out. You put the ball on and press the lock button, select your play, and pump up to your desired PSI. This was a little bit difficult to do but we were able to do it. You hit the “hike” button and the passer turns back and forth before passing the ball.

Apologies for the vertical video – my husband has been into posting reels lately and I’ve been trained to record vertically. It’s a bit noisy, and it took us a few tries to figure out exactly where the ball would go and how far. That said, once we figured it out, he had a blast with the toy, which retails for $49.99.

The second toy I received was a Groovy Glo Wubble bubble ball. We had seen these on the shelves at Target but weren’t sure exactly what they were.

You insert a valve (which was a little tough but we got it!) and blow it up, then bounce it around like a balloon ball. It’s reusable and glows in the dark. Potato quality photo of it in the dark below.

These retail for $13.99 at Target.

My son was excited about the Smithsonian telescope since he’d gotten to use a fancy (expensive) one at a friend’s house. I did warn him that this one only costs $18.99 vs. hundreds to thousands for other telescopes, so we weren’t expecting much.

He spent a good bit of time outside finding different stars to look at and he’s excited to keep trying.

The last toy we received was the Smithsonian Rock and Gem Dig Kit. The kit comes with a sand block with the rocks/gems inside, tools to break the block apart, a streak plate, magnifying glass, safety glasses, and a bag to store the gems. There’s also a fold-out poster with instructions and information about gems.

The company recommends laying out newspaper to do this, but since we didn’t have any, we did it on a flattened box. My 13-year-old son did it outside on the deck but it still was pretty messy!

There are a total of 11 stones in the block. They are pretty small and were mostly on one side of the block, but my son found them all.

My husband and I were wandering Target a few weeks ago (as old married couples do) and talking about how fun it was to browse the toy store as kids. We both feel like Target is probably the closest thing to that for kids these days since we don’t have big toy stores near us anymore!

Do you think your kids would enjoy any of these toys?

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