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Babywearing Booths at #ABCKids15

Post contains affiliate links. It seemed that the babywearing booths were the happening place to be at ABC this year! As such I didn’t do a whole lot of chatting at the booths but I did snap some photos for your enjoyment! 🙂

I think the rainbow Maya Wrap ring sling in the upper right is gorgeous!

@Maya Wrap at #ABCKids15

Beco displayed their new Sail and Plus One prints.

@becobaby #babywearing at #abckids15

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I did stop and chat with Boba. Boba will always hold a special place in my heart as they were my first (non Bjorn) babywearing experience. When I was expecting my second child (2008/2009) I bought a Sleepy Wrap (now Boba Wrap) and their soft structured carrier was the first I used in 2010 (we still have it)! I’m a little out of touch on carrier colors/prints since I don’t do a whole lot of baby wearing anymore but Boba is now offering organic stretchy wraps priced about $10 higher than the non-organic wraps. They are gorgeous and oh-so soft!

Boba at #ABCKids15

I have the Boba Air Carrier in now discontinued blue but it’s still available in black and gray (which I love so much I almost want to buy it!) No matter what brand or style carrier you have, I highly recommend having an air carrier. It folds into itself to the size of a small purse and is super easy to carry. Despite its light weight, it is incredibly comfortable and our carrier of choice when hiking with our 3 1/2 year old. Though he’s about 30 pounds and I’m very petite, I can comfortably carry him on my back even in more challenging hikes. When he wants to walk, the carrier is easy to zip up and tote along.

Ergobaby‘s display was beautiful as always.

@ergobaby #babywearing at #abckids15 A photo posted by Maria (@chgdiapers) on

Sakura Bloom‘s display makes me want to buy all the slings!

Sakura Bloom at #ABCKids15

Snuggy Baby wasn’t actually on my list of booths to visit but this wrap print caught my eye as I walked past and I stopped to chat. They carry wraps, ring slings, doll slings as well as cloth diapers. Their wraps are a very supportive 100% cotton knit that still has some stretch, and the ends are tapered for a trim knot. The fabric makes it much more likely that you’ll find it appropriate for larger babies then very stretchy wraps that droop a bit with babies over 15 or so pounds.

Snuggybaby at #ABCKids15

Tula‘s booth was busy every time I walked by but I heard many people got to meet the creator Ula!

I know a lot of you would be in heaven in @tulababycarriers booth! #abckids15

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Look for their bamboo viscose blankets at Tula retailers soon!

Tula at #ABCKids15

Which booth would you like to shop in and which would you like to sit and look at? 😉

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