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Bianca and Nola’s Overall Newborn Cloth Diapering Experience

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Before the time comes that my Nola Baby is no longer a newborn but an infant (tears), I wanted to write an overview of the newborn diapers we used in her first 10 weeks. At her last appointment a week ago, she was 9lbs 15 ounces. So basically she should already be 10lbs! She is growing way too fast. We are currently doing a mix of cloth diapers and disposable diapers. I know there will be a time when we are strictly cloth, but for the time being a mix of both is what works well for our family.

The first diaper Nola wore was a pink newborn THX All in One. She was 2 days old. I loved these diapers! They fit so well and the umbilical cord snap down was a great feature! Although a great fit, as she started growing, the diaper started to absorb less. I had a couple of leaks with these. Specs: umbilical cord snap down, waterproof PUL outside layer, an absorbent core, and a microfleece inner layer, manufacturer recommendation: 6-12 pounds.

THX Newborn AIO   THX Newborn AIO

After that, we used a Sweet Pea Diapers newborn All in One. At this point they were just a little bit big on her, but I loved the style. I was super excited to finally be able to use their newborn diaper. The Sweet Pea one size line is one of my favorites. Specs: three layer sewn-in soaker makes this diaper ultra absorbent, front and back pocket openings you can add extra inserts for more absorbency, comes with a microfiber insert, aplix closure, fits 6-12lbs.

Sweet Pea Newborn AIO Sweet Pea Newborn AIO (original with microfiber insert)

Next up at 4 days old we tried a Kissaluvs Size 0 snap fitted and a Thirsties x-small Velcro cover. A little bulky, but a nice overall fit. Specs:  cotton fleece, umbilical cord snap down, 5-15 lbs. Kissaluvs is now a cloth diaper brand that is discontinued, but you might be able to find the fitteds on a Buy/Sell/Trade page. Thirsties cover specs: aplix closure, 6-12 lbs (0-3 months), 100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate. Cover can be wiped down and reused if not completely soiled.

Kissaluv Fitted and Thirsties XS cover   Kissaluv Fitted and Thirsties XS cover
Kissaluv Fitted and Thirsties XS cover over Kissas fitted

At one week old, we tried the Sweet Pea newborn cover with two padded Bummis preemie pre-folds as inserts. This is one of my all-time favorite combos for newborn and one size cloth diapering stage, covers and pre-folds. Velcro is my preference for newborn cloth diapering. Helps you get a better fit on the baby, and you don’t have so many snaps to mess around with. Sweet Pea Newborn Cover specs: double gusset, PUL exterior, adjustable snap settings, hook and loop/aplix closure, 5-12 pounds.

At two weeks old we tried a Cloth-eez snap work horse fitted and a Bummis Super Brite newborn cover. I wanted to love the workhorses because I love prefolds. But I didn’t use them as much. The overall fit just didn’t work for us. Cloth-eez specs: white cotton (chlorine-free and optical brightener-free) newborn orange edges fits preemie to 10 pounds.

We also tried the original style Bumgenius x-small (newborn) aio.
They were nice, but she outgrew them super-fast. Specs:  fit from 6-12 pounds, hook & loop closures,  inner core made from the exclusive Cotton Babies microfiber terry, they fit low and below the belly button to protect umbilical area. (Check out the improved “Bumgemius Littles” newborn diapers.)

We did a review for the Buttons AI2 and that was by far my FAVORITE style of newborn diapers! At 2 months old, she still fits in it great! Buttons specs: adjust to fit babies from 7-12 lbs, two layers of PUL, you can wipe down the interior, double leg gussets, snap in inserts, waist elastic at back and tummy.

After Christmas, we also tried the new Sweet Pea Newborn BAMBOO AIO! So their first version of the newborn AIO has a pocket style and comes with a microfiber insert for additional absorbency. Much like their One Size bamboo AIO, the newborn has a bamboo aio a snap in insert. Super absorbent, so soft and a great fit.
Sweet Pea specs: adjustable rise fits 6-12+ lbs, soft bamboo fleece interior, Snap-in soaker is one layer of microfiber sandwiched between two layers of bamboo fleece, aplix closure, dries quick, no stuffing!

Out of fitteds and covers, covers and prefolds, AIOS and AI2s, the winners for us were- 1. Buttons Ai2 newborn system. Amazing fit, absorbent, best diaper that grew with my baby during the newborn weeks, and the awesome snap in insert option. 2. Sweet Pea Newborn AIOS both versions, and Sweet Pea Newborn covers with pre-folds. The Sweet Peas have lasted long past the newborn stage with room to grow and both styles aios and covers were the trimmest of all. 3. Kissaluv fitteds, with Thirsties x-small covers. Kissas have a great fit and the Thirsties covers are great over fitteds that can sometimes be bulky.

Nola is now 10 weeks, on her way to 3 months (more tears). Although she still fits in some of newborns, mostly Sweet Pea, we are starting to fit in some One Size Cloth Diapers and it’s already so much fun!

You can also read more posts about newborn cloth diapers and read Maria’s post showing many newborn cloth diapers on babies.

What’s your favorite Newborn Cloth Diaper?

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Bianca Munoz
Bianca is a full time working mom. Her family's cloth diaper journey began 5 years ago, and has been involved with the community ever since. She currently resides in North Carolina with her husband and three children.
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  • Chelsea Gross
    May 8, 2020 at 9:56 am

    Hi, how did you order the THX newborn all in one diapers? I’m having a hard time find their website to order from. Thanks!

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