>We’re having some seriously crazy weather here.   Before it began a week ago, someone reminded me to “buy formula and diapers.”  I didn’t have to worry about either of those things since I breastfeed and cloth diaper.

I didn’t have to worry about groceries either since I use a rock bottom purchase/stockpile shopping method.  I am almost out of milk but hopefully we’ll get out of here soon!

However, it did occur to me that if the power went out, I wouldn’t be able to wash diapers!  I only have about two days worth of diapers, and with the conditions outside, I would not be driving to a laundromat, hotel or family member’s house any time soon!  We have a well, so without power we’d be without water.  I guess I could melt snow and handwash diapers.  Hee hee.

I do have one econobum cover and I figure I could fold flannel blankets or even towels to stuff in it.

Then I remembered that I actually have some diaper pins, and I could really use flannel reeiving blankets and pin them on in a pinch. 

Except…I don’t know how to fold a flat/prefold without looking at instructions online!  I guess I need to study and make sure I know how to do it.  Tee hee! 

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Maria Moser
Maria is the mother of 3, writing about cloth diapers & going green. You'll often find her with a dog or child on her lap, typing 1-handed in between sips of cold coffee. Maria works with many companies within the cloth diaper industry and beyond, providing social media management, product development, and other services.

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