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BreathableBaby Breathable Mesh Crib Liner (Bumper Alternative) Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 11/17)

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You may have heard about cities and states moving to ban traditional, fluffy crib bumpers. We had heard about the suffocation risks associated with traditional bumpers, and tried to do without one when my son was born 2 1/2 years ago. Alas, we got very little sleep since he managed to scoot himself all over the crib & get his arms and legs caught in the slats. I found this really scary because he couldn’t free himself and couldn’t turn himself over until we pried him out. It was astonishing how tightly he could get a chubby little leg jammed in between the slats! Luckily, I heard of BreathableBaby, and we bought one of their mesh crib bumpers (now called mesh crib liners, to distinguish them from traditional, unsafe bumpers.)

The BreathableBaby technology that reduces the risk of suffocation is based on simple physics. The construction of the tiny fibers that make up BreathableBaby’s spacer-mesh fabric will not allow an airtight seal to be created when it’s compressed, making it virtually impossible for a baby to suffocate. BreathableBaby calls this feature Air Channel Technology™ (A.C.T.™). “The ability of air to move through the Breathable Mesh Crib Liner is obvious because you can see and breathe through the fabric,” says Peter Raynor, Ph.D., a public health professor. “More importantly, the Breathable Mesh Crib Liner permits airflow even when it is compressed. Many bumper and bedding fabrics restrict airflow when compressed, thereby increasing the risk of suffocation for an infant,” added Professor Raynor. The best way to understand A.C.T. technology is through personal experience. BreathableBaby makes A.C.T. kits available to the public – submit a request providing full name, street address, city, state and zip code to: and BreathableBaby will send you an A.C.T. kit at no charge.

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The liners come in 6 solid colors (white, pink, blue, yellow, ecru, brown & sage green) for $29.99 each, plus 3 colors with fashion trims and 6 printed designer themes. These fit all styles cribs, plus BreathableBaby has liners to fit portable cribs, and solid end cribs.

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The liners truly are breathable. My husband and I both mashed our noses & mouths (we looked super classy I’m sure!) against the mesh and could breathe just fine. The liners attach easily & securely, but they collapse if your child tries to use them to climb. They are hypoallergenic, promote airflow & prevent suffocation or re-breathing carbon dioxide. They tuck below the mattress so you don’t have to worry about your baby getting stuck under the bumper.

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The bumper has a long piece and a short piece, and will fit any standard crib (solid back, oval etc.) It came with really easy to follow instructions, and it took me no time at all to put it on. (I thought it was a funny coincidence how similar our crib looks to the one pictured in the instructions!)

breathable baby breathable bumper liner 5 breathable baby breathable bumper liner 6

I love the new one even more than the one we bought for our son years ago. The front panel is longer, so you can install it with no gaps at all. It also has a single tie for the middle of each panel to keep it more secure and less likely to slide down. The ties are not excessively long, and are on the outside of the crib.

breathable baby bumper old 7 breathable baby bumper old 8

I didn’t keep the instructions for my old one, so it’s possible that I’ve just done something wrong with my install, but the new one is definitely improved!

Don’t wait for your bumper to be recalled, or for your state to ban them. You can find BreathableBaby mesh crib liners at online and brick & mortar retailers throughout the U.S. and Canada!

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Giveaway: One winner will receive a Breathable Baby mesh crib liner in his/her choice of solid color (ARV $29.99.) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

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  • November 14, 2014 at 9:23 pm

    […] longer recommended due to the suffocation hazard, and are actually banned in my home state. Try a breathable bumper to keep baby from getting his arms or legs wedged in crib […]

  • Stephanie Bodine
    November 17, 2011 at 12:45 pm

    I am pregnant with my second child and would love this. My first child was always sticking her hands through the crib as I took down liner due to it being to thick as she always put her face in it for some reason, I guess for comfort.

  • Barbara Hunt
    November 16, 2011 at 10:46 pm

    Thanks for the great contest!

  • .:karen:.
    November 16, 2011 at 11:17 am

    Thanks for the chance!

    • .:karen:.
      November 16, 2011 at 11:19 am

      Oops… hit “enter” too soon… My first daughter didn’t move around too much so I didn’t mind using a regular bumper with her, but my second daughter is all over the place and the nightlight shines into her bed, keeping it pretty bright. I’d love to try this out to keep her little arms and legs in as well as to filter the light a bit more.

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