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Cloth Rocks – You (err, your baby) Need One of These T-Shirts!


I’m sure you know Dirty Diaper Laundry, but if you don’t, you should. Kim makes amazing videos, and also created the Cloth Diaper finder. She recently opened up DDL apparel, and while she currently has just the cloth rocks design on black & white, sizes 0-3 to 18-24 months, she will be offering more cloth diaper advocacy apparel in the future.

shirt 1

I chose the 3-6 month size in black, listed as a “second” for $16.95. The regular price is $17.95, or $17.75 for the white. I have no idea why it’s a second; it looks perfect to me.

shirt 2
shirt 3 shirt 4

The shirt is super soft & well made and I think it looks adorable on my little guy! I can’t wait to see more designs!

Discount!: Use coupon code “CHANGEDIAPERS” to get 10% off your DDL Apparel order through 4/30/12!

FTC compliance: I paid normal retail price for the pictured product. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Apparel & Accessories Discount Sale

PaigeLauren Baby Quartz & Ruby Clothing is 30% Off Through 2/29

PaigeLauren baby fall/winter collection

In October I received a PaigeLauren Baby (PLb) bodysuit for our new baby and I’m so sad that he is close to growing out of it. The 0-3 month size fits 10-12 lbs and 20-23 1/2″. My guy isn’t quite 10 lbs yet at 9ish weeks old, but he’s somewhere in the range of 23″ and that extra fluff from the cloth diaper is making it hard to snap!

IMG_1409 IMG_1410

PLb is luxury clothing for infants, so it’s a little pricier, but it’s amazing. It is luxuriously soft and silky, and has held up fantastically. My son’s onesie is the Ruby color, so he wore it for Christmas, and I’ll squeeze him in it one last time for Valentine’s day!


PaigeLauren Baby has put their Ruby (red) and Quartz (pink) clothing on sale, so your cutie can be stylish for Valentine’s day. Through February 29th, all Ruby or Quartz items are 30% off! No coupon code necessary; you will see the discount reflected in the product selection drop down.

Will you wear red (or pink!) on Valentine’s Day?

FTC compliance: I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Apparel & Accessories Review

Poppet Merino Wool Baby Beanie (Hat) & Booties Review

poppet 0

Poppet baby wear is a New Zealand company that makes merino wool blankets, baby clothing and accessories, including the original classic merino baby beanie & booties I received.

poppet 1 pkg poppet 2 pkg 2

The set is available in pink, blue or natural in sizes 0-3, 3-6 or 6-12 months. I was mistakenly sent a 6-12 month set, so I’m unfortunately not able to show pictures of the set on, since my son is a newborn.

poppet 3 out of pkg poppet 4 card

The merino wool is light weight, and is breathable. It will keep your baby warm without overheating.

poppet 5 hang tag poppet 6 wash instr

The wool is naturally stain and odor resistant, and can be machine washed and tumbled dry (according to the website!) It’s also durable and naturally fire resistant, so no chemicals are added to the sleep gowns.

poppet 7  seams inside hat poppet 8 print

Seams inside the hat are soft, and the set has a cute sheep print.

poppet 9 booties poppet 10 side
poppet 11 bottom

The booties have the same cute print, and have a cuff to help keep them on.

poppet poppet
poppet poppet

The merino wool isn’t itchy like some wool can be, and their clothing is classically beautiful. These premium products are pricey. Clothing ranges from $49.99 for the trousers/pants (sale $39.99) up to $74.99 (sale $59.99) for the sleep gown. The set I reviewed retails for $74.99 and is on sale for $59.99. I wouldn’t mind having one of everything. 🙂

Poppet products are available at and would make an amazing baby gift!

FTC compliance: Although I received an item for review purposes, I was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Apparel & Accessories Giveaway Review

Squeem Miracle Vest (Magical Lingerie/Compression Shapewear) Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 1/19) U.S./Canada

squeem 0

Squeem “magical lingerie” has been made in Brazil for nearly 40 years. Squeem says they use “technology and function to create magic.” I heard about Squeem while reading reviews for other shapewear on Amazon, and a reviewer mentioned that Squeem was way better. After trying the miracle vest, I’m pretty sure there is some actual magic sprinkled on during the manufacturing process. 😉

squeem 1 squeem 2 package

The miracle vest I tried is part of their classic collection. It uses control fit technology, which combines cotton and natural rubber into a single, compressive layer.

squeem 3 package squeem 4 package
squeem 5 size

Squeem suggests you wait until initial postpartum swelling has gone down before using their products. I was a little antsy to start using the miracle vest, but I was afraid of choosing a size too large & growing (shrinking) out of it too quickly. I was probably closer to a medium on the size chart, but asked for a small. When I first got/tried it (around 2 weeks postpartum), I had to struggle to get it closed, and I really should have followed their advice to go with the larger size if you’re between sizes! I impatiently waited another week and it was far easier to get closed!

squeem 6 wash first
squeem 7 front squeem 8 back

The miracle vest lifts your chest, flattens your tummy and supports your back, improving posture.

squeem 9 hanging front squeem 10 hanging back

The rubber outer allows the vest to conform to your body.

squeem 11 adjustable straps squeem 12 underarm spandex

It has little details like adjustable straps and spandex at the underarms to prevent bulges.

squeem 13 tag squeem 14 wash instructions

The vest has hook & eye closures, and there are two settings. You start at the bottom and work your way up to close the vest.

squeem 15 hook closures

The rubber always goes on the outside, never against your skin, and it closes in front.

squeem 16 inside lining

The triple filtered cotton lining is super soft against your skin, and there is flexible internal boning.

squeem 17 paper squeem 18 collection

There are several other products in their classic collection, and they also have a fashion and light collections.

squeem 19 3 wks pp

There’s me at 3 weeks postpartum in an unflatteringly tight top.

squeem 20 on

The miracle vest did tend to want to fold in a little bit at my waist and back, but I think that’s because I’m still technically more of a medium than a small.

squeem 21 under clothes

There’s the miracle/magical part. I can’t really show you too much but holy cow! Va-va-voom! I felt amazing! Squeem recommends total wear of 8-10 hours a day, easing into it starting with an hour, then two hours etc. if you’re not used to shapewear (I’m not.) It does tend to roll up when I sit, but I think that’s a combination of the small being a bit too small, and my terrible slouchy posture. Even when (should I say if?) I lose all the weight (I did with my son, so I’ll say when) I still want a Squeem miracle vest, especially when I want that “whoa Mama” shape for a special occasion! The vest is available from an XS to a 5XL, so you can look your best no matter what size you are. I’d also love to have a sexy body panty!

The MSRP of the miracle vest is $74.90, and it’s available in both beige and black. You can find Squeem online and in stores.

Be sure to “like” Squeem on Facebook, follow Squeem on Twitter and check out Squeem’s YouTube channel!

Giveaway: One reader will receive a miracle vest in her choice of size and color (ARV $74.90.)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, nor associated with Facebook. By entering, you release Facebook from any responsibility and understand that the information entered on this form will not be disclosed to Facebook.

FTC compliance: Although I received a product at no charge for review purposes, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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Apparel & Accessories Breastfeeding Review

Bamboo Belly Bandit & Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank Review

Belly Bandit 1

As you know, I had baby #3 on December 7th. Belly Bandit sent me their Bamboo version to review. I won’t keep you in suspense, I love my Belly Bandit. So much so that I bought another bamboo Belly Bandit, and also a Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank. It’s no secret that I’m cheap frugal, and Belly Bandit products are really not inexpensive. So I think it says a lot that I spent the money on them!

Belly Bandit 2 Belly Bandit 3 height
Belly Bandit 4 closure

If you’ve never heard of a Belly Bandit, they are basically abdominal binders that support your core muscles and help flatten your belly postpartum. Abdominal binding has a long history, and in my opinion it works! The original Belly Bandit retails for $45.95, and the Bamboo is considerably higher at $65.95. The fabric is silky soft, naturally microbial etc. All the same reasons why I love it in diapers.

Belly Bandit 5 4 wks preg Belly Bandit 6 40 wks preg

There I am above in my first “belly pic” at 4 weeks, and at 40 weeks! I started wearing the Belly Bandit about 2 hours after my son was born. I chose the size when I was around 8 months along, using their sizing tips. Wearing the Belly Bandit was instant relief for me since I felt “held together” instead of having that floppy, jello “hey, where’d my abs go?” feeling.

Belly Bandit 7 2 days pp belly
Belly Bandit 9 on 2 days pp Belly Bandit 10 on under clothes 2 days pp

I didn’t take a photo immediately postpartum, but I think we all know what that looks like. Pregnant, only slightly smaller and squishier. 😉 I did take a photo at 2 days postpartum, and I’m also showing you what the small Belly Bandit looked on me then, and also what it looked like under clothes. It is a wee bit bulky, but I don’t think it’s terribly noticeable under looser fitting clothes, and I don’t know many brand new moms who are wearing tight clothing!

Belly Bandit 11 on under clothes5 days pp Belly Bandit 12 after 5 days use

By 5 days postpartum (above) I had the small all the way closed. It did start to crease a bit at the waist, but nothing terrible. The rep at Belly Bandit thought maybe I needed the XS to start, but I’m not sure I would have gotten it closed that first day! It’s pretty common to need more than one size as you shrink, but your first size will usually last more than 5 days, so don’t let that scare you! I do wish there was a bit more Velcro on the band so it would last a little longer.

Belly Bandit 13 after 2.5 wks use

I waffled for a week about ordering another one, since they really are a little pricey for someone on a tight budget. In the end, I did order, and I went ahead and splurged on the Bamboo! I continued to use the small on and off while I waited for the XS to arrive. Above is what it looked like after 2.5 weeks of use. It really started to crease quite a bit and worked it’s way up into the small of my back (the front stayed flat.) Belly Bandit says it is normal for this to happen, kind of like a band aid conforming to your body. It doesn’t affect the functioning of the band!

Belly Bandit 14 pkg Belly Bandit 15

My only complaint is that my package shipped via Fed Ex smart post, so it took seemingly forever (about 10 days, which does seem like forever when you’re waiting for something!) I really don’t understand the whole smart post thing. I guess it’s cheaper somehow? It was about 20 minutes away from me nearly a week before it got to me, then went to another state before it came back here. Weird. But it did get here!

Belly Bandit 16 mother tucker

As I said, in addition to the XS Belly Bandit, I also ordered the Mother Tucker Compression Nursing Tank. This made my hubby do a double take, since it’s one teeny, tiny line away from something very different than mother “tucker.” LOL

Belly Bandit 17 pkg Belly Bandit 18 size

I was kind of worried about the sizing. As is typical for me, my band size falls into a small, but my cup size would fall into a Large or XL (if they had it.) I went with a small.

Belly Bandit 19 instructions
Belly Bandit 20 pks Belly Bandit 21 size

The helpful hint made me laugh. I love the use of humor on product packaging! They are right though. Stepping into it was snug enough, I can’t imagine trying to get it over my head!!

Belly Bandit 22 tag Belly Bandit 23 tag
Belly Bandit 24 inside cupsBelly Bandit 25 strap adjustment

The cups just slide to the side to nurse, there are no clips or contraptions. It’s supportive without anything uncomfortable digging in, and the straps are adjustable. Since I’m petite, I’m used to things not adjusting quite as tightly as I need, but I was able to make it work anyway.

Belly Bandit 26 mother tucker Belly Bandit 27 bottom panel

The nursing tank has a wide band on the bottom that keeps it from rolling up, and it really does work.

Belly Bandit 28 3 wks pp

I can’t believe I’m doing this (LOL) but above is a pic of me at 3 weeks postpartum. I intentionally chose a shirt that was unflatteringly snug. I look less pudgy in clothes that fit better, but that wouldn’t make for a good before/after shot, now would it? 😉

Belly Bandit 29 xs 3 wks pp Belly Bandit 30 xs on 3 wks pp

Here I am in the XS Belly Bandit. This one almost immediately started creasing at my lower back. I think that’s because my waist is smaller than my hips. That may sound like a big “duh” statement, but think about your body shape immediately postpartum. I was able to prevent this a bit by closing it kind of at an angle…tighter up top and looser down towards my hips. I didn’t initially wear the Belly Bandit to bed because with my foggy brain I missed that part of the instructions. The bamboo was very comfortable at night, and wearing it to bed really helped my comfort since it supported my back and waist. The more I wear it, the bigger difference I see when I take it off. After just a few days of wearing the XS, I look far thinner than I do in my “before” shot above.

Belly Bandit 31 mother tucker on 3 wks pp

Above, I’m wearing the Mother Tucker nursing tank! I was worried about how it would feel since it sure was tight trying to wrestle myself into it! I was really surprised that once I got it on, I really couldn’t even tell I was wearing it. It was very comfortable, but really smoothed the lumps and bumps. The no-roll band comes down low on my hips, so it also serves as a tummy cover if my shirt lifts, which I love. I could really use some extra cup space though. I wouldn’t wear the tank under a snug fitting shirt since I end up with a quad-boob look if I don’t keep tucking myself back in, LOL. I do wish they would make a small-plus (medium-plus, large-plus etc.) option for those of us who get disproportionately large in the milk-factory area while nursing. 🙂

The Mother Tucker is expensive at $79.95, but it’s not too much more than a decent nursing bra in my size. Unfortunately I can’t buy my nursing bras at a local store thanks to the unusual size, so I have to spend a fortune to order them online. I do wish I could get a second one so I didn’t have to be without it on laundry day, but there’s no way I can squeak another one out of our budget!

I love, love love Belly Bandit products. They have made a huge difference in how I look (everyone who has seen me has said I look great!) as well as how I feel. Not just physically, but emotionally. Gaining 40 pounds that are nicely hidden by maternity clothes, then having to face the flab and “real” clothes isn’t exactly easy, you know? Belly Bandit sure does ease the sting!

You can buy Belly Bandit products directly from the company online, or find a retailer near you. Be sure to follow Belly Bandit on Twitter, “like” Belly Bandit on Facebook and check out Belly Bandit on YouTube.

Although there are no affiliate links within this post, I love Belly Bandit products so much, that I signed up as an affiliate. Please see the banner in the footer, or on my affiliates page if you would like to support this blog while making a purchase. 🙂

FTC compliance: I received one Belly Bandit at no charge for review purposes. The other two items were purchased by me at normal retail prices. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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