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20 People You’ll Meet In B/S/T Groups

20 People You'll Meet In Buy Sell Trade Groups

20 People You’ll Meet In B/S/T Groups

Buying, selling & trading cloth diapers (or other items) is a great way to get a deal and make some cash for things you don’t need. That said, sometimes it can get frustrating! Here are some people you might meet in B/S/T groups. This, of course, is meant to be humorous and not a dig at anyone!

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Buying & Selling Cloth Diapers Cloth Diapers Mailbox Mondays

Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays – 12/31/12 – Repairing Diapers for Resale

selling #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

Once a week, I answer a reader question, and ask my other readers to give their opinions too. Don’t miss any posts! Subscribe to our new RSS Feed or subscribe via email.

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Buying & Selling Cloth Diapers Cloth Diapers Used Cloth Diapers

Used Diaper Condition (EUC, VGUC, GUC, UC etc.) Definitions


Buying diapers used is a great way to pad your stash without breaking the bank. There have been lots of articles written with tips on buying and selling used, and here is another resource to help people wanting to sell diapers. It seems that buyers all expect pretty much the same things, but they continue to see diapers described as “EUC” or “GUC” that don’t meet those expectations.

In both my research, and your survey responses, most people have the same general idea of what they expect for each condition “rating.” A diaper’s “rating” is based on the condition of the PUL, elastic, inners, closures and soakers. If your diaper has most or all of the possible flaws for a category, it should probably be bumped down. When you are thinking that a diaper is borderline & hard to categorize (is it VGUC or GUC?) it’s probably an indication that you should “rate” it in the lower category. Snap diapers generally fare better than Velcro/Aplix closures when being “rated.”

When you’re rating your diaper, I also recommend taking a peek at a new diaper in comparison, since sometimes you don’t realize how dingy a diaper is looking until you see a spanking new one! Same goes for elastic. Seems nice and springy until you tug on a brand new one and realize how relaxed yours is!

So here is a description of each used cloth diaper rating category, based on the consensus of the cloth diapering community! I’ve included photos of my own diapers, and I used mostly the same brand to make comparing easier.

Like New (LN)

ln 1 ln 2
ln 3

A “Like New” (LN) diaper should be virtually indistinguishable from a new diaper, aside from not having packaging. It will have bright white, fluffy inserts, zero pilling or fading, bright white inners and all inserts that came with the diaper will be included.

Excellent Used Condition (EUC)

euc 1 euc 2
euc 3 euc 4

An “Excellent Used Condition” (EUC) Diaper is nearly new, and may have been washed or tried on a few times. It will be hard to tell it apart from a new diaper without comparing them side by side. There will be little to no pilling, no fuzz in velcro, white, fluffy inserts, and white inners.

Very Good Used Condition (VGUC)

vguc 1 vguc 2
vguc 3 vguc 4

A “Very Good Used Condition” (VGUC) diaper has been used only a short while and has very minor flaws. It will have little to no pilling, possibly some lint in the velcro, and occasional very light staining. If it has several minor flaws (snags, pilling, light staining, velcro lint etc.) it is most likely “Good Used Condition” rather than “Very Good.”

Good Used Condition (GUC)

guc 1 guc 2
guc 3 guc 4

A “Good Used Condition” (GUC) diaper is fully functional, but shows signs of wear such as minor staining, slight pilling or snags and inserts that show some staining and/or flattening. Aplix closures may have some lint or fuzz, and might not be quite as sticky as when the diaper was new. Elastic is still in good shape. It may not look brand new, but a “Good Used Condition” diaper has lots of life left.

Used Condition

uc 1 uc 2
uc 3

A “Used Condition” (UC) diaper has obviously been used, though it is still fully functional and has some life left. It will probably have a stained and/or dingy and pilling inner, as well as dingy, stained or flattened inserts. The velcro & laundry tabs will show definite signs of wear. Closure tabs may be curling & be not quite as sticky as when new, but they are still expected to work. The elastic may be relaxed, and while it still works, may need to be replaced in the near future. Nothing on the diaper should actually be falling apart or need repair immediately.

Needs Repair

nr 1

“Needs repair” sounds pretty self explanatory, but there’s a little bit of gray area as well. Something with totally shot elastic, a missing snap, or Velcro that won’t stick is not functional as is, therefore it needs repair. However, if the laundry tabs are shot, or there is very little use left before the diaper does need repairs, combined with a very well used appearance, you may sometimes see them called used condition or “play condition.” Make sure you ask questions about any flaws mentioned in elastic, laundry tabs, Velcro etc. if you’re not up for diaper surgery!

nr (2)
nr (3) nr (4)

The above diaper’s laundry tabs have shrunken and are no longer functional at all. The diaper is also the previous “model,” being a 3.0 vs 4.0, the diaper’s PUL is snagged and the Velcro strip is pilly. It also has dingy, flattened inserts, a dingy, slightly stained inner and relaxed elastic, so with all those things combined, it’s definitely a “needs repair” diaper. Sure, you can put it on your baby & it will work, but you will have to make repairs to continue to use it for a length of time.

There is such a fine line between categories, that it is always a good idea to have your diapers in tip top shape before selling them. Make sure they are clean, stink free, and don’t have any animal or human hair on them. If there are stains, try to sun them first (in fact, sun the diapers & inserts anyway if you can!) and use a snappi (or this thingamabob) to clean any gunk out of the aplix before taking photos.

Always be honest with your buyers! If the diaper is stained and it’s been raining where you are, that’s OK to tell the buyer that you don’t know if they will sun out. However, if you’ve already sunned the diaper and the stains did not fade, please don’t tell the buyer that the stains may sun out, tell them the truth. 🙂

Take a look at Over The Moon Diapers’ Used Diaper Pricing Guide for even more help!

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Buying & Selling Cloth Diapers Cloth Diapers Used Cloth Diapers

Used Cloth Diaper Sales History – Please Contribute

As another portion of my latest project, I want to track actual sales of used cloth diapers. If you have bought or sold diapers recently, please complete the survey once for each diaper bought or sold, as you find the time. No need to complete multiple times if you purchased several of the same diaper at the same price.

This will not be my sole source of information, but will help me analyze data to create more accurate results. The more responses I receive the better the results, so please share – especially in cloth diaper selling/trading groups!

I welcome photos of diapers as well. Please email them to maria at with “Diaper Photos” in the subject. Please include info to help me find your entry on the survey spreadsheet; mentioning in the additional info field that you are sending photos would be great! Please note that any comments, photos or other information become the property of to print, publish, or use as we see fit.

Thank you!

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Buying & Selling Cloth Diapers Cloth Diapers Used Cloth Diapers

Surveys – Characteristics of Used Cloth Diaper Conditions

As one step of my latest project, I want to get opinions from as many people as possible, so please share this post!

I want to know what you personally look for when deciding whether a cloth diaper (that you are buying or selling) is in excellent, very good, good, or used condition. (I’ll also be including some conditions that are more objective, such as new, like new & needs repair!)

Feel free to use the “other” fields in each category to add other characteristics, and the bottom “other” paragraph to add additional, general characteristics that do not apply to any particular category. I did not include snap closures, since they are generally either in fine shape or broken/not working, without any real in-between!

I’d also love your photos of your own diapers, including close-ups of the areas/characteristics that make you rate them a certain way (you don’t have to be selling them, just have diapers that you think are a good example of a condition.) Please email photos to maria at with “Diaper Photos” in the subject. Please include how you “rate” the diaper and why.

I’d also be interested in photos of diapers you purchased that were advertised as one condition, but when you received them, you felt they should have been rated a different condition. Please include how the diaper was advertised and described, how you’d rate it and photos/descriptions of why you feel there was a discrepancy.

Note that any photos, information or quotes emailed become the property of to republish, reproduce and use as we see fit.

When completing the surveys please think about characteristics that would make a diaper fall into one category vs. another. Ex: what makes a diaper GUC rather than VGUC.

Thank you!

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