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Where Can I Buy Used Cloth Diapers?


If you click & buy, I may receive a small commission, thank you. So you’d like to add some gently used cloth diapers to your stash. Where should you buy them? You have lots of options!

Locally – Check your local Craigslist ads. You can sometimes find diapers that have barely been used. If you like to thrift, check your Goodwill and thrift shops. Consignment stores are another place to check. Is there a local cloth diaper group in your area? The group may have a buy/sell/trade arrangement.

Online – There are entire sites devoted to selling used diapers, including Cloth Diaper Trader, Diaperswappers and Spot’s Corner. There are lots of B/S/T (buy, sell trade) groups on Facebook. Have a favorite brand? There might be a group just for them!

Retailers – There are several retailers that sell gently used diapers, including Cloth Diaper Outlet, Diaper Junction, Kissed By the Moon, Itsy Bitsy Bums and Mom’s Milk Boutique.

Where is your favorite place to buy used diapers?

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