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Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottles

lifefactory glass baby bottle 1

I posted my Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottle review in February, and I still love them and use them every day. So, I decided to pick up a Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle. The 4 ounce bottle I chose with a sky blue sleeve, retails for $14.99 (I snagged it for $13.72.) This is definitely not cheap, but I really only need the one (and I’m not sure if he will even take it!) They are also available as a 9 ounce bottle with a $16.99 MSRP (from $14.43 on Amazon.)

lifefactory glass baby bottle 3 label lifefactory glass baby bottle 2 label heat cold extremes

The bottles are made of borosilicate glass that is thermal shock resistant and can go from freezer to boiling water without breaking (obviously, it’s still glass, so it could break with extreme temperature change or force.) The silicone sleeve and nipple (comes with a 0-3 month slow-flow) are medicaled grade, latex and plastic-free silicone.

lifefactory glass baby bottle 4 parts

Like the beverage bottles, the baby bottles are dishwasher safe, and you don’t need to remove the sleeve to wash or boil.

lifefactory glass baby bottle 5 together

When you’re through with bottles, the 4 oz or 9 oz bottles can turn into a water bottle buy purchasing white or colored solid caps. You can also turn them into sippy cups by adding sippy caps.

The bottle feels nice and sturdy, but it wasn’t as heavy as I was expecting. I love that they are glass, and that their “life” will continue even after we’re out of the baby stage, so my $ won’t be wasted if my son refuses a bottle like my other two did!

FTC compliance: Although I paid normal retail prices for the pictured item, this post contains affiliate links. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottles

lifefactory glass water bottle 1

Without going into great detail, I wanted a reusable bottle that wasn’t plastic or metal (that leaves glass, LOL!) and was easy to sip without a straw. It also needed to be easy to clean, and I preferred not to have to unscrew a lid each time. I’d heard of Lifefactory glass baby bottles, and I happened to be browsing around the time their flip tops were introduced. They were (and still are at the time of my writing) part of’s buy 3 get 1 free promo, so I bought 4!

lifefactory glass water bottle 2 silicone sleeve lifefactory glass water bottle 3 dw safe usa made

They have a silicone sleeve to make it easier to grip & less likely to break (though they are still glass of course!) You don’t have to remove the sleeve to wash the bottle, and the whole shebang is dishwasher safe.

lifefactory glass water bottle 4 measurements

They are available in 22 ounce bottles and 16 ounce bottles. I pre-ordered all 4, but only the 22 ounce bottles arrived. The 16 ounce bottle hasn’t shipped yet.

lifefactory glass water bottle 5 thick glass interch tops

The tops are interchangable between sizes, and you can buy the tops separately.

lifefactory glass water bottle 6 flip top

The flip top moves all the way back out of the way, or just push it back a little bit. The handle makes it really easy to carry.

I haven’t broken one yet and the water tastes great. The opening could stand to be a tiny bit bigger. I like the oval shape (I don’t dump water on myself) but it kind of makes a “glug glug glug” noise as the water comes out.

The 22 ounce bottles (including flip cap and sleeve) are $24.99. 16 ounce bottles are $22.99. The bottles with the standard screw on caps are cheaper, and Amazon’s prices are a little less all around.

I love these & I wish they had a thick glass “cup” with sleeve for kids who are too big for sippies but not quite big enough for regular glasses!

FTC compliance: I purchased the pictured items at normal retail prices, with a promotion available to the general public. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

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Zoe b Organic – Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes Review

zoe b anti plastic dishes 1

I actually learned about Zoe b Organic because they are the US distributor for Natursutten pacifiers (which I will also be talking about after the baby is here!) The founder, Valerie Lecoeur, considers herself a “green mom” but not an “eco-evangelist” so I am already identifying with the Zoe b brand!

They have fantastic anti-plastic products (not just my opinion, it’s their actual name) including fantastic anti-plastic toys (biodegradable, eco-friendly, BPA free, made in the USA beach toys!) and fantastic anti-plastic dishes, A.K.A. “kidishes!”

zoe b anti plastic dishes 2 zoe b anti plastic dishes 3

OK, so what makes them so special? Well, they’re BPA, PVC and Phthlate free first of all. They are dishwasher safe (they’re not certified microwave safe yet, but they are working on it!) Anti-plastic? Huh? Yep. They’re actually made from a biobased material that comes from American-grown corn! (Specifically, this bioplastic from Mirel™ is made with PHA, a polymer produced by microbial fermentation of sugar.)

The material they use is more heat-resistant than other corn based products, and they are the first & only corn based dishes you can wash in the dishwasher (as much as you like! They are durable!) Despite being so durable, Zoe b’s bioplastic fully biodegrades in 2 to 3 years when buried in soil, immersed in water, home composted, or composted in industrial facilities.

zoe b anti plastic dishes 4

I received a 3 piece fantastic anti-plastic dish set, which includes a bowl, plate and tumbler for $15.99. You can also purchase a set of 3 fantastic anti-plastic bowls or a set of 3 fantastic anti-plastic plates for $18, or a set of 3 fantastic anti-plastic tumblers for $12.

zoe b anti plastic dishes 5

The first thing I noticed is how much they look like actual dishes vs. plastic. Though they are durable and can be thrown, dropped etc., they look much more like ‘big boy” dishes than “baby dishes,” and my son is getting to that age where it matters! They’re also stylish and easy for little hands to hold, with their modern shapes and colors. My son loves them. In fact, he was looking over my shoulder as I was uploading these photos and he pointed and said “that’s mine!” 🙂

You can buy Zoe b products online, or find a store near you!

Be sure to check out the Zoe b blog, Zoe b Organic on Facebook, Zoe b Organic on Twitter, and Zoe b Organic’s YouTube Channel!

FTC compliance: While I did receive a product at no charge for review purposes, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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Jason Kids Only Toothpaste and MAM BPA/Phthlate/PVC Free Toothbrush Review

jason kids toothpaste and mam toothbrush

When I posted my Weleda Children’s Tooth Gel Review last year, someone mentioned the Jason Kids Only toothpaste. We’ve been using the Jason Kids Only Shampoo/Conditioner and have been happy with it, so I figured the toothpaste was worth a try. I was able to find it at Toys R Us and the 4.2 oz tube retails for under $6.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for literally 6 months, but with a lot of this stuff, I feel like there’s really not much to say unless it’s terrible, or somehow super amazing!

jason kids only toothpaste jason toothpaste ingredients

It does not contain: fluoride, sulfate, wheat, gluten, saccharin or artificial colors/flavors. The ingredients are: glycerin, water, silica, xylitol, xanthan gum, panthenol, aloe vera leaf juice, calendula flower extract, calcium carbonate, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, and flavor.

jason toothpaste texture

I tasted a little bit of it and it has that typical strawberry-for-kids flavor. It’s easy to squeeze out, but doesn’t come out too fast. We’ve bought this twice, and I will probably continue to buy it as long as we need fluoride-free toothpaste.

mam toothbrush
mam toothbrush (2) mam toothbrush package

I also picked up a MAM toothbrush that’s BPA, Phthlate, lead and PVC free. It is shaped nicely to make it easy for little hands to use and hold, and I really haven’t found many other options for toothbrushes for little ones without all the icky stuff. The only thing that annoys me is that because of the way they are shaped, they won’t stay sitting on the counter bristles up. If you put some toothpaste on it and try to set it down, it rolls on it’s side and you end up with toothpaste all over the counter!

FTC compliance: I purchased the above products myself at normal prices. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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Yoomi Self-Warming (BPA Free) Baby Bottle Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 8/30)

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 1

The Yoomi is a bottle and warmer in one, that warms a baby’s feeding to the natural temperature of breast milk in 60 seconds.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 2 packagingYoomi Self Warming Bottle 3 packaging
Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 4 packagingYoomi Self Warming Bottle 5 packaging

As I mentioned in my post about my breastfeeding experiences, neither of my kids were wild about the bottle. I suspect my milk has excess lipase (so I am definitely going to try scalding it next time before storing!) but I’m guessing it’s probably also because I really had no clue how to warm it. You don’t want to microwave or overheat breast milk, not just because of potential hot spots, but also because it can destroy some of the good stuff in it. I tried microwaving water, then putting the bottle in it to warm…took forever and I was never sure if it was warm enough. Tried running it under hot water…same thing. I never bought a bottle warmer since bottles were so rare in our house anyway, but a warmer can’t be used away from home, doesn’t necessarily heat it evenly or to the ideal temperature, and it warms the whole bottle at once, so it gets cool as the baby drinks.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 6 bottle with warmer

Still, I would love to have a bottle that’s easy to use and heat, so that there’s the option of me running out to the store by myself, or maybe even getting out with my husband.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 7 all pieces

The Yoomi self-warming bottle has to be one of the coolest (warmest? Har har) ideas I’ve seen. It consists of a BPA free, easy to hold bottle (available in 5 oz and 8 oz sizes), a naturally shaped nipple with anti colic vents (available in slow, medium and fast flow), a collar to hold it on obviously, cap, and the warmer.

Clearly, the warmer is what makes it stand out. The warmer warms milk to the natural temperature of breast milk (89.6-93.2 degrees) in 60 seconds, without plugs, batteries, hot water etc. The warmer uses the same gel that is used in hand warmer packets, which is a concentrated, non-toxic salt solution (also used in ice cream.) Yoomi has also added a food grade colorant and Bitrex (a safe but bitter substance) so that if the warmer leaked, not only would you see it, but the baby would refuse to consume the feeding.

The Yoomi came with a fantastic pamphlet that tells you just about everything you need to know.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 8 step 1 flyerYoomi Self Warming Bottle 9 step 1 warmer new

The first thing you need to do is charge the warmer, which you do by boiling it for 25 minutes. You can also use a steam sterilizer with 4x the recommended amount of water, but the warmer cannot be placed in the microwave.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 10 step 2 boil 25 minYoomi Self Warming Bottle 11 water boiling

I used a 3 quart pot the first time, but a 4 quart would have worked much better, since so much water evaporates during the boiling time!

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 12 lowered in with tongsYoomi Self Warming Bottle 13 boiled on its side 25 min

Once the water was at a full boil, I lowered the warmer in with tongs, and boiled it for 25 minutes.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 14 step 3 flyerYoomi Self Warming Bottle 15 step 3 cool 75 min

Carefully remove the warmer (I used the tongs again) and allow it to cool on it’s side, on a clean surface for an hour and 15 minutes. The orange button turns blue after you boil it; it should be back to orange, cool to the touch, and rattle when shaken before you use it. You shouldn’t depress the button before it’s fully cooled, or you could damage the warmer. You can also cool it more quickly by running it under cool water, but of course it will no longer be sterile.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 16 step 4 flyerYoomi Self Warming Bottle 17 step 4 cooled sounds sloshy

If the warmer sounds slushy, rather than rattl-ey, you may not have boiled it long enough. I believe not having quite enough water the first time caused me to have a slightly sloshy sound (and it also took a bit longer for the warmer to fully activate/button to turn blue.) If you’ve used enough water, but this happens, try adding 5 minutes to the boil time.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 18 flyer ready to feedYoomi Self Warming Bottle 19 nipple goes into collar
Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 20 capYoomi Self Warming Bottle 21 cap compresses nipple stops leaks

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 22 use to pick warmer upYoomi Self Warming Bottle 23 picked warmer up
Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 24 screw onto bottle

Use the bottle to pick the warmer up to assemble it. You can store the charged warmer, and it will be ready to use pretty much indefinitely. You can go ahead and fill the bottle, and store the whole shebang in the fridge, and it will still work (perfect for outings with Dad, or to take to the babysitter.) The Yoomi can be used with breast milk or pre-mixed formula.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 26 temp before

For my photo demo, I used water stored in the fridge; this was it’s temp before.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 25 flyer press button through nippleYoomi Self Warming Bottle 27 push button
Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 29 turn upsidedown 30 seconds

When you’re ready to use it, just press the orange button and wait 30 seconds, then turn the bottle upside down and wait another 30 seconds. If you stare at the bottle while you’re waiting, you’ll see the orange start to fade. When it’s blue, you know it’s fully activated. As I said earlier, mine took a bit longer to reach this stage, I believe because I didn’t have it in quite enough water while boiling!

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 30 flyer feedYoomi Self Warming Bottle 31 temp of warmed water squeezed out

The Yoomi warms the feeding as it flows past the channels in the warmer, so it’s actually warming the milk as the baby drinks, rather than warming it all at once (and having it start to get cool while baby drinks.) So, I squeezed some of the warmed water out into the bottle cap to measure the temp. It took me a while to squeeze out enough to measure the temp, so it had cooled a bit by the time I managed to do it! This temperature is much like the natural temperature of breast milk (slightly cooler than your body temp), which makes it easier for the baby to go back and forth between breast and bottle. They are less likely to refuse it because it’s too hot or too cold, and they won’t develop a preference for extra-warm bottles. You cannot overheat the milk, so you never have to worry about the baby being burned. The warmer continues to warm for an hour, so the last drop will be just as warm as the first. You of course want to keep the bottle upside down during the feeding, so if the baby needs a break, put the cap on and place it upside down, so the milk in the nipple will be warm when baby is ready again.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 32 flyer when it's ready to be replacedYoomi Self Warming Bottle 33 flyer 100 uses or 3 months after first use

The warmer can be used up to 100 times, or three months after it’s first use. I read this, but it didn’t sink in before I broke it out to test it, so I will have to buy another warmer before I can try it with the baby in December! Oops! Yoomi is working on a way to easily look at the warmer and know it’s ready to be replaced, but for now, you know if it doesn’t rattle when charged, the button doesn’t change color, or if the base of the warmer is permanently bulging out. It comes with a little chart to tick off each time you charge it.

Initially, I was a little overwhelmed by all the info, and unsure if I’d be able to figure it out, but it was really quite easy! I made a quick video demonstrating:

All the pieces are interchangeable, and the bottles can be used without the warmer. Either size bottle with nipple has an MSRP of $10.95. Nipples alone are $6.95 for a 2-pack, and a single warmer is $25.95. You save when you buy a bottle with warmer for $32.95. Initially, it seemed pricey to me but it’s really 25 cents per use, and it can be used anywhere, anytime, takes just 60 seconds, warms to the ideal temperature, and warms as you feed. No other warming method can do that.

Yoomi is designed and assembled in London England, but you can purchase the products online from Yoomi or buy Yoomi on Amazon (affiliate link.)

Giveaway: One reader will receive a 5 oz. Yoomi bottle with warmer (ARV $32.95.) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form below! You may view Rafflecopter’s Privacy Policy.

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