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Babyganics Safe & Effective Skincare (Dad Owned Company!)

Babyganics Gentle Skincare Review via @chgdiapers 1

I receive free products from Guidance Guide for review purposes but my opinions are all my own. Babyganics was founded when Kevin, a father, wanted products that were both mindful of the planet and would help make their home a safe place for their children. Today Kevin and his friend Keith, fathers to 5 children between them, run the company. Using their own experiences, community feedback, and the latest scientific research, they continue to create safe, effective and sustainable products.

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Eco-Friendly/Green Natural Household Products Natural Personal Care Products Review

MamaSuds Eco-Friendly & Non-Toxic Household Cleaners & Skin Care


Katie received products free for her review. She was not otherwise compensated and all opinions are her own. MamaSuds is a family owned business and is hand-crafted in the state of Michigan. MamaSuds was created for parents who want to create a safe, clean home using simple, non-toxic and eco-friendly products. All of their products are made from ingredients that are local, natural and/or organic. MamaSuds sent me a bottle of their laundry soap and a Boo Boo Stick to review.

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Win a Pampering Package for You, Your Tween and/or Your Teen!

Teen Giveaway

If you click my links & buy, I may receive a small commission. Thank you! I’ve teamed up with my friend Julie of Cloth Diaper Geek and some amazing sponsors to bring you a great giveaway. Prizes are perfect for you, your tween and/or your teen.

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Baby Products Natural Personal Care Products

Darling Naturals Company: Darling Baby Shampoo/Body Wash Review

@darlingnatco natural baby wash via @chgdiapers

Katie received free product for review purposes. Change-Diapers was not otherwise compensated for this post and all opinions are Katie’s. There are so many things to think about when you have a baby. When I had my first son, I assumed the mainstream shampoo would work fine for our boy. I mean, when they’re babies, they don’t have much hair anyway so I didn’t think that hard about it. However, when my kiddo got older and then eventually having our second son, I realized the mainstream shampoos weren’t really doing what we wanted them to.

We’ve tried a few different kinds of natural/organic shampoos. I found one out of those that I really liked. Recently we’ve tried one that I thought was supposed to be good but the smell was awful and it didn’t leave their hair soft. Which meant I needed to get the conditioner (from the same brand) and if you have kiddos who don’t enjoy their hair being washed, you get my pain. It also didn’t suds up enough to use as body wash as well, which was frustrating. So when Darling Naturals Company contacted us for a review, I jumped on the opportunity to try out their shampoo!

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Can THINX Period Underwear REALLY Replace Pads & Tampons? My Review

@SheThinx period underwear review via @chgdiapers

THINX Period Undies Review

Change-Diapers received a pair of THINX to review. Post contains referral links and all opinions are our own. Thinx “Period Panties” aren’t ratty old granny panties you use on your period (ha), they’re underwear that can replace pads & tampons. Like some of you I was kind of like:

Minion saying what

I had to know for myself. So, check out some photos (no, I didn’t model them – you’re welcome) and then read my “captain’s log.” Please be aware that there will be quite a bit of “TMI” in the interest of giving you the whole picture.

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