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Coupon Discount Eco-Friendly/Green Giveaway Handmade Items Made in Canada Retailers Reusable Products Review

Green Bumkin Kitchen Wet Bag from The Joyful Giraffe – Review/Giveaway (CLOSED 7/17)

green bumkin wet bag 1

The Joyful Giraffe sells cloth diapers, accessories and much more, including natural products for mom, baby and home.

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Diaper Covers Fleece Giveaway Handmade Items Made in the USA Review WAHM made

Londonware Fleece Longies Review & Giveaway U.S./Canada (CLOSED 1/5)

londonware fleece  0

Londonware is owned by work-at-home-mom Wendy, and sells trendy fleece diaper covers including soakers and longies!

londonware fleece 1

When I looked at her shop, I fell in love with the pattern of the soaker in her profile picture, and she made a pair of longies for me in the same chocolate dot print!

londonware fleece 2 waist

I received a size small, with a 0-3 month length. Small-Large retail for $10 (XL is $1 extra) with free shipping! Skirties sell for $15 and soakers are $7-$8.50.

londonware fleece 3 back

The longies are a bit higher in the back for a great fit, and can be used over disposable or cloth diapers.

londonware fleece 9 soaker insde

Wendy can add an additional layer inside for use with cloth diapers if you like!

londonware fleece 4 legs londonware fleece 5 waist
londonware fleece 6 inseam londonware fleece 7 length

You can request any inseam for your longies! Below I’ve laid the small longies under a pair of newborn (5-9 lbs) pants so you can see how they compare.

londonware fleece 8 vs newborn pants
londonware fleece 10 on 7 lb londonware fleece 11 rolled up on 2 wk old

They are a little bit big on my tiny 7ish lb 2-week old, but they have a bit of “give” to them. I’ll be able to use them rolled up now, and rolled down later!

Giveaway: One reader will receive their choice of in-stock or custom item from Londonware, ARV up to $15.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: This giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed or administered by, nor associated with Facebook. By entering, you release Facebook from any responsibility and understand that the information entered on this form will not be disclosed to Facebook.

FTC compliance: Although I received a product at no charge for review purposes, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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Cloth Diapering Diaper Accessories Giveaway Handmade Items Made in Canada Natural Household Products Reusable Products Review WAHM made Wool Dryer Balls

Canadian Wooly Snowballz Wool Dryer Balls Review & Giveaway (CLOSED 11/10) US/Canada

Wooly Snowballz 2

Victoria began Canadian Wooly Snowballz when she was frustrated by the amount of time that it took for her cloth diapers to dry and was worried about what chemicals were being released by the plastic dryer balls she was using.

Wooly Snowballz Logo

Why wool dryer balls?

The dryer balls bounce around, separating your laundry and cutting down on dry time. There are no chemicals like with dryer sheets and no residue to hurt your diapers. You simply put 3 or more in with wet clothes, and be sure to check your laundry early, since they will cut down on drying time!

Wooly Snowballz 1

I received three dryer balls in the natural color. They are really pretty, which is weird to say about something that’s supposed to be utilitarian (and I chose the natural, the colors are even prettier!)

Wooly Snowballz 3

I’ve used them in every load of laundry since I’ve received them (several weeks x at least 10+ loads per week.) Over time they may become “fuzzy” which doesn’t affect their performance, but you can use a sweater shaver if it bothers you!

You may be curious about how noisy they are. They are supposed to be quieter than plastic dryer balls, but I’ve never used those. I took two short videos.

First is the dryer balls with a very small load of laundry (about 12-15 cloth diaper inserts only.)

Next I used them in a regular sized load of laundry.

They are a little loud with the tiny load of laundry, but in the larger load you just hear an occasional thump!

I want to get a few more (the more you use, the more they cut down your dry time) and see if cutting a few hours of dryer use per week out will lower my electric bill!

Receive 10% off your entire Wooly Snowballz order with coupon code CD10OFF (expires November 30th, 2011.)

Giveaway: One winner will receive three wool dryer balls in his/her choice of brown with cream accents, cream with brown accents, cream, or multi-colored (ARV $20.) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

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Apparel & Accessories Handmade Items Review WAHM made

Stroller Blanket From Nikki’s Little House – Review

>Nikki's Little House Stroller Blanket

Nikki’s Little House sells all kinds of fabulous products, from cloth diapers to Melissa & Doug toys.  Nikki also has a Hyenacart store where she sells her hand made items.  You may or may not remember the custom Birthday Monster shirt and I Heart Dad shirts she made for me.

I had been eying her stroller blankets for a while, and when the monster print was on sale for $15 (regularly $20), I grabbed it!

toy loops

It even has loops to attach toys for little ones!

loops to stroller

The blanket snaps on to the stroller to keep it securely attached.  When my daughter was little, I ran over her blanket many times, and occasionally she’d toss it out without my noticing. That would mean backtracking my 4 mile loop to find it!

snaps to form boot

The blanket snaps at the bottom to form a boot to cover tootsies.

can be used unsnapped

You can also use it unsnapped for bigger kids.

The blanket I bought is a super cute monster print on the front, with green trim and backing.

monster print

Here it is all snapped to the stroller:

snapped to stroller

Here you can see how the “boot” covers the foot thingie on the stroller.

no cold toes

I’m able to take my son out for a walk and have him tucked in snugly the whole time!  The blanket is very well made and nice and soft and thick!

I am getting ready to order new I heart Dad shirts for both kids, my daughter wanted to wear them to pick up Daddy from the airport (business trip), and she was sad that she & her brother both were outgrowing them!

FTC Compliance: I paid normal retail price for this item.  I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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Apparel & Accessories Giveaway Handmade Items Made in the USA Reusable Products Review

Voodookitten / Cranky Cat Studio Review & Gift Certificate Giveaway (discount too!) CLOSED


Deborah of Cranky Cat Studio doesn’t make your typical cutesy baby stuff.  If the business card graphic & font didn’t tip you off, here’s her son’s 1 year portrait (she said I could share!)
So flippin cute!  All he needs is this diaper to go with it.  No, I don’t think I’ll ever stop moping about that diaper.  I want it!  (Imagine me pouting and stomping my foot like a petulant child.)
Cranky Cat Studio sells from her Bonanzle store (you can also get there by typing  For those who had never heard of Bonanzle (I hadn’t), Deborah described it as “an upscale eBay. Kinda like what would happen if eBay and Etsy had a baby!”  That cracked me up.  She also has an Etsy Shop.  She has lots of products for sale including baby blankets, bibs, purses and totes, hair clips, shopping totes and tutu overalls (you have got to see these!)  She has quite a bit more in her Bonanzle store than in Etsy, including items that aren’t handmade, like squeaky shoes.  My fingers would be nubs if I tried to list and link to every single thing she makes; she makes a lot!
Deborah sent me a shopping tote and a clutch purse to review.  She’s also offering up a $30 gift certificate to one lucky blog reader and a discount code good for 10% off that you can all use.  The code is MamaRocks because “gosh darn it…Mama does rock!”
The bag is actually intended for my hubby to keep in his car to have handy for when he picks up a few things here and there.  The guitar print seemed more manly than some of the other reusable bags, LOL.  It’s also perfect for a blanket, a few toys and some snacks for a trip to the park!
It’s nice and roomy, but rolled up small, around 5 x 3.
I just realized that I didn’t get a good shot of the bag itself, sheesh.  I was so focused on function!  My hubby has been using it and has it in his car.  I promise it looks as great as it functions!
That’s 15 pounds of flour and sugar.  No problems at all.  I’m quite sure it could have held more weight.  It was also both comfortable to hold and secure thanks to the design of the handles.
I easily fit five boxes of cereal in it.
Still no trouble holding it!
Overstuffed and overloaded it was still really comfy to hold.  No double bagging like plastic bags, no ripping holes in the bag like plastic, and no digging into your fingers, cutting off your circulation like plastic!
Most of Deborah’s diaper bags started out as purses, and this clutch/wristlet is no exception.  The fabric is gorgeous.
It is the perfect size to use with a pretty dress for a night out (Night…out??  What is that again?) when you just need keys, wallet, lipstick, phone etc. 
One strap is longer than the other, so you can tuck the long through the short and cinch it.
The intention is to use as a grab and go diaper bag, for those quick trips when you just need a few diapers/wipes.  Those situations get a little more complicated for cloth diaperers, since you can’t just cram a couple into your regular purse!  I use my wet/dry bag when I know I will need to change several diapers while we’re away, but when I might only need to change one, it’s a bit much to lug out with me.
I put a Bumgenius 3.0, a Rumparooz, a PlanetWise medium wet bag, a Planet wise wipe bag with 10 wipes and a spray bottle of solution in this teeny bag!
Yep, it’s all in there!
Close it up and hit the road!
Love it!  I think both bags are really well made and they’re unique in form, function and style.  I can definitely see using the wristlet with a little black dress someday when I don’t need it for diapers anymore!
So, want your ownShop Cranky Cat Studio and use coupon code MamaRocks to get 10% off.
Or, win a gift certificate!  One reader gets $30 to spend at Cranky Cat Studio.  It will be good for anything out of either her Etsy or her Bonanzle store!

Here’s how to enter:  The first entry is mandatory, do as many or as few of the others as you like.  You must enter a separate comment on this blog post for each entry.  Please make sure to include your email address if it is not visible in your profile.

1. Visit Cranky Cat Studio and let me know what you would buy if you won.
2. Follow my blog publicly.  Comment to get your entry.
3. Fan me on Facebook.  Comment here to get your entry.  (Yes, I know it’s not “fan” anymore but all this like, liker, liking stuff is too clunky!)
4. Fan Cranky Cat Studio on Facebook.  Comment to get your entry.
5. Follow me on Twitter.  Comment to get your entry.
6. Follow Cranky Cat Studio on Twitter.  Comment to get your entry.
7. Tweet about this giveaway.  Please no more than one tweet per day and make sure to include @chgdiapers and @CrankyCatStudio.  You may use this tweet if you like “Enter the @chgdiapers #giveaway for a $30 @crankycatstudio gift certificate and get great #handmade items! Ends 5/21”
8. Blog about this giveaway, this blog, Cranky Cat studio etc and leave a link to your blog post to get your entry.

I will accept entries until Friday, May 21st, 2010 at 9 P.M. EST.  I’ll choose a winner with’s true random number generator and contact the winner by email.
Thank you to Deborah at Cranky Cat Studio for sending me the bags to review.  The freebies in no way affected my review and the opinions are my own.  Results may vary and all that rot.  🙂
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