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This post was originally published on the Kelly Wels blog. Post may contain affiliate links meaning if you click and buy I receive a small commission. Thank you. So your diaper has a water resistant outer, an inner, an absorbent material and elastic. How do you close it?

Hook & Loop Closure: Commonly known under the brand names Velcro and Aplix, hook and loop is incredibly easy to use, and very similar to opening & closing a disposable diaper. There are typically fuzzy squares of fabric called “laundry tabs” for you to attach the hook portion during washing. Hook & loop diapers are a favorite for middle of the night newborn changes, and wiggly toddler changes, but many children have a blast r-r-i-i-p’ing the diaper off. The closures eventually fail over time, but you can replace them without a sewing machine. As the diapers age (or on some diapers with less sticky laundry tabs) they can come loose in the wash & snag your diapers.

Snap Closure: Snaps are durable, not as easily opened by toddlers, and come in many colors, sometimes adding the the look of the diaper. They are easy for most people to use, and some brands have the ability to overlap the diaper’s wings. They are many configurations available, from simple 2-on-each-wing setups, to multiple snaps and “hip snaps” to prevent wing droop. Although durable, snaps do occasionally break. If not covered under warranty, you will need to have snap pliers to replace them.

No Closure: Prefolds, flats and other diapers like contours, some pre-fitteds and fitteds do not have a closure. This may seem like a disadvantage, but it allows you to get a perfect fit (even folding down a rise) without being constrained by the attached closures. You can use a cover over the diaper, or close it with one of several options.

Diaper Pins: Your Grandmother probably used diaper pins, and they are still around and useful as ever. They are very affordable, and not that difficult to use with a little practice.

Snappi: A Snappi is a stretchable, T-shaped doohickey with teeth that grip the diaper and hold it closed. These work wonderfully with cotton prefolds.

Boingo: Boingo fasteners are similar to the Snappi in that they have teeth and replace diaper pins. However, they come in sets of two, and fasten each side of the diaper (or use one in the middle for little babies) rather than stretching side to side and down the middle. These work very well with cotton,as well as hemp diapers.

What is your favorite diaper closure?

If you’re new to cloth diapers, check out my Cloth Diapers 101 article.

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