Facebook Default Setting Change

Have you noticed that you’re not seeing updates from some of your friends, family or pages (ahem, me?)  Facebook changed the default setting to show posts only from friends and pages you interact with most.

I saw this several days ago, checked mine, and it was already set to show posts from everyone.  A few days later, I checked again, and it had been changed.  It was an easy fix, but I just wanted to let everyone know to check theirs, even if they don’t suspect it’s been changed.

First, click on the arrow beside “most recent” on your news feed, and select “edit options” from the drop down menu.

facebook privacy changes

From there, click the drop down beside “show posts from” and select “all of your friends and pages.”

facebook default setting changes
Click save, and you’re all set!
Speaking of Facebook, this morning we had 1,000 Facebook “likers,” but we’re down to 998 997 995.  (I think I need to stop looking, we’re going the wrong way!)  I was all set to post the 1,000 follower giveaway tomorrow morning, since we’re over 1k GFC, RSS & Twitter, but it’s been postponed until we bump back over 1,000 Facebook “likers.”  If you know of someone who might be interested, send them over!  🙂

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