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Geffen Baby Cloth Wipes Review


I had been waiting for Geffen Baby’s website to be complete before posting about their products, but I thought since I bought the prefolds, wipes and absorbers as May’s top fan prizes, I should share now!

I have been working with Geffen Baby on product development and Marketing for about 6 months. Prior to that, they sent me samples of several of their products to try and evaluate. Today I’m posting about the wipes, but I will also post about the prefolds and universal absorbers. Keep in mind that these are my own opinions as a cloth diapering mom, your opinions may vary and I’m not representing Geffen Baby when I state my opinions. Product details and pricing are current to the best of my knowledge as of today, but are of course, subject to change. 🙂

Geffen Baby products are 60% hemp and 40% organic cotton (other than the microfiber absorbers!) and are entirely made in the U.S.A. From actually weaving the fabric to the cutting and sewing, all are done in California.


Geffen Baby 16 wipes IMG_0499

Back in November, they only had wipes that were 2 layers of 100% cotton and serged around the edges.

Geffen Baby 17 wipe pre prep Geffen Baby 18 wipe pre prep2

They measured about 9 x 9 before washing (above) and around 8 x 9 after washing (below.)

Geffen Baby 19 wipe after prepping Geffen Baby 20 wipe after prepping 2

No two pieces of cotton seem to shrink exactly alike, but the wipes were less bunchy than I expected them to get.

Geffen Baby 21 wipe appearance after prep

What wipes you will like varies based on your personal preference. Some people like nice & small wipes, some like them larger. Some people like a very, very thin wipe and are perfectly happy using the baby washcloths from Target as wipes. Other people like a thick, sturdy wipe that they can use without folding over. Some like a smooth wipe, some like one with texture, and some like a wipe with a different texture on each side!

wipes in pkg

Based on feedback received, Geffen Baby decided to make their wipes a single layer, rather than two, and also added a hemp/organic cotton blend wipe.


Both the cotton (pinkish thread) and the hemp (green thread) are smooth jersey on one side, and the reverse is slightly textured due to the weave of the fabric.

wipes meas wies meas 2

Both are approximately 9 x 9 before washing.

after wash

After washing, the cotton wipe curled up at the edges, which also happens with baby washcloths for me. The hemp wipe didn’t.

meas after wash meas after wash (2)

The cotton wipe was about 8 x 8 after washing, and the hemp was a little bit bigger, maybe 8 x 9. They still stacked up just fine with my other wipes.


Here are the Kissaluvs 1-layer knit terry wipe ($1.99 each), Geffen Baby 1-layer cotton wipe ($8.99/10 pk), Geffen Baby 1-layer hemp wipe ($8.99 10/pk), GroVia 2-layer soft terry wipe ($10.95/12 pk) and Planet Wise 1-layer flannel wipe ($10.99/10 pk). You can click those photos to see them larger and get a better look at their texture.

kl cotton hemp grovia pw kl cotton hjemp grovia pw 2

I love cloth wipes, but the price of a lot of them kill me. The GroVia wipes are my favorite because they are so affordable, but I prefer a thin wipe for travel, and a thinner wipe is easier to get into nooks & crannies.

I am seriously digging the Geffen Baby hemp wipes. They are a single layer wipe, so keep that in mind if you prefer thicker wipes. I tend to fold them in half to double up if I have a big mess, but they have done great on breastfed baby poop and big toddler messes alike. I use a squirt bottle to squirt baby’s bottom and then wipe, I haven’t tried pre-moistening them.

The nice thing is that they have all the great absorbency and anti-microbial properties of hemp, and you could really even use them folded in half as a teeny tiny doubler. My favorite part though is that they are so, so soft. Like your favorite comfy t-shirt.

Do you use cloth wipes? What’s your favorite? Were you put off by the price?

FTC compliance: This post contains affiliate links. Some pictured items were received at no cost to test, the others were purchased by me. Although I have a business relationship with the manufacturer, I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and all opinions are my own.

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