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Hello Disc Kickstarter – Developed with Kim Rosas

The Hello Disc has been in development since August 2020 and is being funded by a Kickstarter campaign. As of my writing, the project is fully funded, with 23 days to go. There is still time to back the project, and rewards are expected to ship in January 2022.

If you aren’t familiar, Hello Cup makes great menstrual cups in 3 diameters and two lengths. They’ve developed this innovative menstrual disc along with menstrual cup expert Kim Rosas of Period Nirvana and Period Shop.

I have been a fan of menstrual discs, and I’m excited to see this innovative design that solves the problem of removal difficulty while keeping the tab out of the way. Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about the Hello Disc, and back the project before it closes on November 7th! The campaign page includes lots of great information about the disc and it’s development, including diagrams, gifs, and a video!

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