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I’m in Love with my DreamCloud Luxury Mattress! (Review)

DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress

I received a free product for review. If you click and buy, I may receive a small commission, thank you! I was not otherwise compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. I’ve been long overdue a new mattress, but I tend to fall victim to analysis paralysis with big purchases. So why did I finally choose DreamCloud luxury hybrid mattresses?

DreamCloud offers 8 hand constructed layers combining the best latex, memory foams, tufting and coil technologies at about 30% the cost of other luxury brands.

DreamCloud starts with high-density memory foam to provide support and prevent motion transfer. Next, a five-zoned foam encased pocketed micro coil compression system provides the support you need. After that comes a layer of soft memory foam, a layer of supporting memory foam, natural latex, quilted memory foam, cooling gel memory foam, topped with a soft, breathable cashmere polyester blend cover.

They come delivered to your door just like many of the memory foam mattresses you can order online these days, but they are so much more.

With DreamCloud’s optional white glove service, your bed will be delivered, set up, and your old bed removed (if needed). The king mattress was pretty heavy (113 lbs according to the shipping notice) but I was able to get it into the garage, up two steps, through the kitchen, down the hall and onto the steps myself. I enlisted my teenager to help me heave it up the stairs. These two 5 foot nothing 100 something pound ladies got their workout, that is for sure, ha!!

DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud knows that you might love a mattress in the winter but feel differently about it in the summer, so they give you 365 risk-free nights to try your new mattress. The mattress ships free AND returns are free! If you decide you don’t totally love it, they’ll refund your money in full and come pick up the bed. Not only that, but they also guarantee their mattresses as long as you own it – their warranty is Everlong. They’ll clean or re-condition your DreamCloud for free if needed.

DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress

The mattress was very well protected by the outer drawstring shipping bag and an inner zipped and handled bag. Inside, the mattress was ultra-compressed and wrapped in plastic.

Watch me struggle to get it out of the shipping bag, ha. I think I did pretty well by myself, but it would have been a lot easier with help!

After I opened the outer plastic I found the opening instructions. Oops!

DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress

Once I cut the plastic, the mattress expanded very quickly and continued to gradually expand over the next few hours. I briefly noticed a slight smell but it was nothing terrible and dissipated quickly.

I managed to open it upside down and sideways because that’s how I roll, but I got another workout righting it. My new bed frame was to be delivered shortly after the mattress, but I couldn’t wait! The mattress is substantial, but I was able to later get it onto the frame without an issue.

DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress

DreamCloud Sleep Luxury Hybrid Mattress

I plopped down on it as soon as it was mostly expanded and ahhh…so comfortable. DreamCloud is considered a luxury firm mattress, perfect for stomach, back or side sleepers. I’m rather petite, sleep on my side quite often and I will end up with back pain if the mattress isn’t supportive enough. On the other hand, I will end up with my hip bone or shoulder hurting if the mattress isn’t soft enough. DreamCloud is the perfect combination of support and softness for me.

I am so grateful to DreamCloud for the mattress. It’s been a long time since I’ve slept this well or this comfortably. If you’re thinking of giving DreamCloud a go, don’t hesitate. After all, you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Learn More About DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattresses, the 365 Night Sleep Trial and get $200 off a DreamCloud Luxury Mattress!

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  • Olivia
    January 22, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    I’m a side sleeper too and generally like my mattress firmer. I’ve never heard of a one year trial period before! That definitely makes me more likely to try it because I’d want to know how a mattress feels both in summer (not too hot) and in winter (breathes properly with my duvet).

  • Sarah Hayes
    January 16, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    it looks amazing! Id love to have a better/bigger mattress. Glad you like it.

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