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Jamberry Improved Nail Shields Review

Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 1

I received a product at no cost. All opinions are my own. Almost exactly a year ago, I first posted a Jamberry nail wraps review. It was the first I’d heard of them, but my friend Janelle had just started selling them, so I gave them a try and was sold. Shortly after that, they improved the wraps, and I liked the new style even better.


Above are two of my favorite designs. I received the one on the left, which is called midnight celebration. On my computer screen it looked dark gray, but they are actually more of a purplish black. A great new addition is the “real life” user photos you see below their stock image on the website. If you are looking at a design that doesn’t have these images, ask Janelle if she has one!

Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 2 Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 3
Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 4

The new style wraps are thinner, more flexible and even easier to apply. The clear backing makes it really easy to figure out which wrap will fit each of your nails. I am in-between thumb sizes, so I just trim the larger one to fit.

Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 5 Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 6

I have an application kit that I bought last year, but all you really need is polish remover, a nail file, scissors and a hair dryer.

Begin by shaping your nails, swiping with nail polish remover (to remove any oils) and giving your nails a light buffing. I swipe my nails with remover again after that. Then just decide which wrap fits each of your nails, and one at a time, cut half (or less), peel it off (you can use an orange stick but I just grab with my fingers, being careful not to touch the part of the wrap that will be against my nails.) Warm it with the hair dryer for a few seconds (until flexible) then apply, smooth (especially around edges), trim the excess, then file in a downward motion to remove the last bit of overhang. I also do one more blast with the hair dryer and smoothing/pressing edges before I’m done.

Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 7

Above is what was left after I applied my nails. I have a full second application left, and used the scraps to do my toenails.

Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 8 Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 9

This design was so shiny, it was hard to photograph.

Jamberry Nail Shields via @chgdiapers 10

The shields become easier to apply once you get the hang of it (make sure they don’t touch your skin or cuticles), and it takes me far less time than trying to do a proper manicure, allowing it to dry between coats, then letting it dry completely without smudging. Best of all, my wraps last until I’m ready to take them off – usually after 10 days my nails have grown out enough that they look funny! I never paint my fingernails because with all the diaper changing, I wash my hands constantly, and a manicure won’t last me a full day. For $7.50 each manicure (a sheet does 2-3 sets of nails) I get to have pretty nails, and I love it.

Here is my manicure after a week wearing the shields:

@Jamberry nail shields after 1 week via @chgdiapers

The adhesive is pretty darn sticky, so when you’re ready to take them off, consider using a hair dryer to soften, break the seal with a cuticle stick, then soak in nail polish remover to remove. If you just yank them off, you’ll damage your nails (guilty!)

Jamberry has tons of designs, for pretty much every hobby, interest, holiday etc. If you can’t find the perfect one, use the Jamberry Studio to create your custom nail shields (I totally want to do some with cloth diapers.) They also have solid, sparkling and even matte colors (I really want to try the matte) but my favorite is the old standby, french manicure! You can even get Jamberry juniors for little fingers.

Shop Janelle’s Jamberry store, host a party with Janelle, or become a Jamberry consultant. “Like” Janelle’s Jamberry on Facebook and join my online Jamberry party Tuesday, October 15th at 8:30 P.M.; join in and chat with us – no purchase necessary. Everyone who RSVPs and attends is entered to win a half sheet!

Giveaway: Janelle is offering one of my readers her choice of Jamberry nail shields (ARV $15.) Entries go in the Rafflecopter form below.

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