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>My friend wrote a guest blog post at Abe’s Market

She and her family are gradually switching to natural products.  I’m always extra interested in what she has to say since she’s a scientist, and can provide extra insight into the safety and efficacy of different ingredients.  Using her science_spot cafemom account, she has analyzed several different products. 

She is hoping to potty train (learn) her youngest in not too long; I’m still holding out hope that I can convince her to CD her next baby, but her hubby is reluctant.

I haven’t gotten a lot of time to look around at their offerings, but they have natural products from baby bottles to nail polish, along with handmade items like soaps and baby blankets.  Here are some of their sellers.

I think this would be a great opportunity for some of the ladies selling on Hyenacart to expand their businesses even further.  I know there are some very talented ladies making all kinds of products that would fit in wonderfully on this site.

Reading about selling at Abe’s, it sounds like you hand a lot of your profit over to Abe’s, but you could make your products available to a wide audience without any up front expense.  I’m kind of torn on that.  You make a little more money per item than you’d probably make selling wholesale, but of course less than you would selling directly.  You would still have to package and ship orders as well.  It also wouldn’t work for people who don’t have a product with set options available to order at any given time.  Anyway, just something to think about.

I was just excited for my friend and wanted to share!

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