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Mabel’s Labels Allergy Alert Labels Review & Coupon Code

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I received labels at no cost for review purposes; post contains affiliate links. Mabel’s Labels introduced their newly re-designed Allergy Alert Labels in honor of Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month in May. I am very fortunate that my son’s F.P.I.E.S. is not life threatening if treated, and his trigger is an easily avoided food (sweet potato.) However, food allergies are near & dear to me because we have family & friends whose children do have life threatening allergies.

@Mabelhood allergy labels via @chgdiapers 1

One of them is our cousin’s son, who agreed to review these labels for me. She is my cousin by marriage (my husband’s cousin) so whether or not photography skills are hereditary, we aren’t related…clearly. She managed to take better pictures of labels than I take of my children (LOL.)

You can customize the labels with your child’s name, allergy and one of several fun images. Here is info from Mabel’s Labels:

Custom Allergy Alerts are durable, waterproof labels that specify allergies on items such as lunch bags, food and drink containers, and travel gear. They’re perfect for school, daycare, camp and everywhere else busy kids go! Featuring a choice of icons in vibrant red with white, these cute kids allergy labels are sure to grab attention and help make sure that your family is eating safely.


  • $21.00 for 24 labels
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwave safe
  • UV resistant
  • Peel and stick
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

@Mabelhood allergy labels via @chgdiapers 2 on bottle

My cousin said:

“I put some on Michael’s water bottle, which he takes to practice and games, inside his backpack, and on his emergency bag, which contains his Epi-Pen and asthma inhaler. I was impressed with how heavy-duty the stickers are. They’re not going to tear or fray easily. I ran the water bottle with its sticker through the dishwasher a couple of times and the sticker was fine. The only thing I would caution someone about is that the stickers have very strong adhesive, so once they’re on, they stay on. When I wanted to adjust a sticker I had already applied, it wouldn’t move. So I guess just be careful that you put them exactly where you want them to be the first time!”

When I asked her to review for me, I did wonder how the labels would hold up to the dishwasher, since other labels I’ve used on my daughter’s items haven’t fared so well!

@Mabelhood allergy labels via @chgdiapers 3 on bag @Mabelhood allergy labels via @chgdiapers 4 outside bag

I count my blessings that my children don’t have such serious allergies, and I am thankful that companies like Mabel’s Labels are making it a little bit easier for parents to protect their allergic children!

6/20/13-6/30/13, enter coupon code ALLERGY10 to get 10% off Allergy Alert labels (discount does not apply to shipping charges.)

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