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Maya Wrap Ring Sling Review & $30 Eco Mom Gift Certificate Giveaway (CLOSED 11/1)

maya wrap ring sling 1

EcoMom sells eco-friendly and organic products for moms, kids and babies. I received a $30 gift certificate to spend on a review item for the virtual baby shower, and I had a hard time choosing. I felt like a kid in a candy store with a pocket full of money! EcoMom sells organic food, cloth diapers, natural/organic bath and skincare products, wooden and organic toys and way more eco-friendly gear than I could possibly list.

EcoMom is offering free shipping on all U.S. orders for a limited time. If you buy an Ecopass, you get free shipping all the time, plus 15% on all your orders! They have my favorite…a sale section! All products EcoMom sells are EcoMom approved, and their customer service is excellent!

EcoMom has quite a few slings and carriers, and I finally decided to put my $30 gift certificate towards a Maya Wrap Ring Sling. I love the plum and olive colors, but I decided on the neutral chocolate. The slings retail for $74.95 and are available in small, medium and large sizes. There’s a 6″ length difference between sling sizes, and the small is recommended for people under 5′ 2″ and/or who are slender. Even though I’m not exactly slender right now at 34 weeks pregnant, I am petite and small framed, so I went with the size small so I don’t have to worry about tripping on, or getting tangled up in the sling’s tail!

The slings are recommended for babies from 8-35 pounds, and the strong, light anodized aluminum rings are smooth, weld free and tested to 250 pounds. The 100% hand loomed cotton is soft, cool, breathable, durable and gives without stretching, for support and comfort. The shoulder is padded for comfort, and the unpadded tail can be used as a nursing coverup. The sling came with an instructional DVD, and it also has a zippered pocket to store keys, phone, burp cloths etc.

maya wrap ring sling 2maya wrap ring sling 2-2

I was a little overwhelmed when I first opened the sling, but I was determined to figure it out before the baby came! I took lots of photos and videos to share with you. I’m sure I made mistakes and some seasoned ring sling’ers will point them out for me. 😉 I think it will be easier with a real baby vs. a teeny, squishy bear too.

Maya wrap ring sling 3 prep tags together maya wrap ring sling 4 prep gather sides of tail to middle

To get your sling ready to use the first time, hold each end of the sling with the tags facing each other. Gather the edges of the tail to the middle.

maya wrap ring sling 5 prep rings over wrist maya wrap ring sling 6 prep fabric through rings

Put the rings over your wrist to make this next step easier, then bring the tail through the rings.

maya wrap ring sling 7 prep over and under rings maya wrap ring sling 8 prep under ring

Then you bring the the tail over the closest ring and under the other ring, then spread the fabric over the rings, making sure it isn’t twisted.

maya wrap ring sling 9 prep checking height

Hold the ring at your shoulder and pull the tail through the rings until the bottom of the pouch is around your hip bone.

Quick video demo (and yes I know my videos aren’t very good! They look so darn dark now, but they didn’t look that way on the camera or my computer. I need to find time to edit them more (just added fill light in YouTube!), but I’m hoping to do this better after I’ve used it with the new baby!):

Once you have done this, you’re pretty much ready to use it every time.

maya wrap ring sling 10 putting on arm through maya wrap ring sling 11 putting on over head

Put your arm through the sling, then bring it over your head.

maya wrap ring sling 12 putting on pocket for baby maya wrap ring sling 13 putting on support baby while putting in pocket

You will make a pocket for the baby, then support the baby’s weight while you place them in the pocket.

maya wrap ring sling 14 putting on support baby while tightening maya wrap ring sling 15 tightening

Continue to support your baby’s weight while you tighten the ring sling. Make sure you have read all about babywearing safety! The material that came with the sling had lots of good info about using the sling safely. You want to make sure the baby is positioned correctly, is snug & secure, has his/her face/airway clear and head supported

Maya Wrap Ring Sling 16 On-shoulder side maya wrap ring sling 17 on side (2)

Again, I’m sure I didn’t do this perfectly!

Maya Wrap Ring Sling 18 on back Maya Wrap Ring Sling 19 on side
maya wrap ring sling 20 on-ring side

It wasn’t nearly as difficult as I thought it would be though!

Maya Wrap Ring Sling 21 pocket maya wrap ring sling 21-1 zippered pocket

The zippered pocket on the tail is really convenient.

Here’s another terrible video, this time of me putting the sling on:

One reason I really wanted a ring sling is that it’s really easy to take it off without disturbing/waking the baby.

maya wrap ring sling 22 removal support baby and pull rings away maya wrap ring sling removal 23 support baby and pull fabric over baby
maya wrap ring sling 24 removal baby is out

Just support the baby’s weight while you pull the rings away from yourself to loosen the sling. Then lift the fabric over baby (while still supporting the baby’s weight of course!) and you’re done. Then it’s just as easy to put it back on again!

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Giveaway: One winner will receive a $30 Gift Certificate code to spend towards anything you want from Ecomom. Entries go in the Rafflecopter form.

FTC compliance: While I did receive a $30 EcoMom gift certificate towards the purchase of the reviewed item, I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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