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More Cloth Diaper News from ABC Kids 2014

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers

I photographed these products with permission at the ABC Expo. I was not asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post, and I paid my own way to the show. All opinions are my own. There were lots of amazing new releases at ABC this year. I was able to take photos of quite a few of them!

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I was able to see Super Undies’ new hybrid trainer.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @superundies hybrid trainer #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers 31 @superundies

After chatting with the awesome ladies at Super Undies, I ended up ordering a pair of the night time undies for mmy son, so stay tuned for a review (eventually.)

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @superundies

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @blueberrydiaper

Blueberry released their new prints before the show, but it was fun to see them all in person, especially all in one place. I love how their display had the print vertically beside each section.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @blueberrydiaper #clothdiapers #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @blueberrydiaper
#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @blueberrydiaper

The Applecheeks booth had glitter (of course!)

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @applecheeksdipe #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers applecheeksdipe size 3

Their size 3 cover will come with a 3-layer insert (which will now be available in 2-packs by the way!) and will fit 30-65 pound children (you can add waist extenders too.) These will be perfect for children who have special needs or are night time wetters. Coming soon!

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers  @osocozy #clothdiapers

I got to meet the folks at OsoCozy, and saw their new bamboo/organic cotton prefold at the RDIA conference. I didn’t take a photo. D’oh!

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @funkyfluff #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @funkyfluff hanging pail
#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @funkyfluff

Funky Fluff has a new hanging diaper pail/wet bag that can be snapped/unsnapped to hang on a doorknob or towel rack, as well as new prints.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @smartbottomsinc #clothdiapers

Smart Bottoms had a cute booth mascot. 😉

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @smartbottomsinc aviator #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @smartbottomsinc #clothdiapers last unicorn
#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @smartbottomsinc #clothdiapers hipster fox

Their new prints are aviator, last unicorn and hipster fox.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @smartbottomsinc #clothdiapers newborn #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @smartbottomsinc #clothdiapers newborn

I also got to take a look at their newborn AIO, which isn’t new, but I hadn’t yet seen.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @best_bottom #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @planetwise

Best Bottom, Planet Wise & Imagine have new prints but unfortunately, the booth was really busy when I went by and I forgot to go back later!

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @tidytotsdiaper #clothdiapers

I actually got to see the Tidy Tots one-size diaper at the RDIA conference and it’s definitely a unique concept!

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @morakicloth #clothdiapers

There was no one at the Moraki booth when I went by but I didn’t think they’d mind me snapping a photo of their nautical themed diapers and booth.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @cottonbabies booth #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @cottonbabies booth

I loved the Cottonbabies booth.

Bumgenius jolly and stellar #clothdiapers

Their new colors, Jolly & Stellar, are available for pre-order now. I thought jolly was a bit more bright yellow & less green than it looks in the stock photos, and stellar looked not quite as deep blue as it appears in the stock photos.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @sweetpeadiapers #clothdiapers

Sweet Pea showed me their adorable new prints, as well as their bamboo AIO and bibs.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @sweetpeadiapers #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @sweetpeadiapers bamboo aio #clothdiapers
#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @sweetpeadiaper #clothdiapers bibs

I’m not typically a “cute” print fan but I love the sheep and racoons.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers 130 @bummis #clothdiapers

The Bummis booth was hopping, but I took a look at their new fitteds.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @bummis #clothdiapers #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @bummis #clothdiapers
#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @bummis #clothdiapers

The flannel fitteds come in lots of great prints and are super soft. Naturally, I forgot to photograph the dimple diaper!

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @bottombumpers #clothdiapers

I was losing steam by the time I got to the Bottombumpers booth (note to self: pace yourself!) They have new colors as well as cute star snaps!

tushmate globe print

I stopped by TushMate‘s booth to see their globe print diaper and newborn diaper (in-person photos to follow, I have one of each in hand.) The globe print fabric was printed & cut such that it is the same on the front and the back. No upside down bums. I thought that was pretty neat. I think a lot of you are going to love the newborn diaper too.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers 153 @happyheinys #clothdiapers

Happy Heiny let me plop my heiny in their booth to rest my feet and chat diapers. Did you know that Indiana WAHMs sew their diapers, and that you can special order diapers? Contact them or a HH retailer and they will create diapers for larger children/children with special needs.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers 154 @happyheinys #clothdiapers #ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers 155 @happyheinys #clothdiapers

I hadn’t yet seen their Onederful diaper, which has both front and rear rise snaps to get a great fit.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @groviadiaper #clothdiapers

GroVia introduced two new colors, a quick dry soaker and an innovative new diaper.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @groviadiaper #clothdiapers

Take a look at my video demo of the new diaper as well as more photos!

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @TotsBots #clothdiapers

Tots Bots introduced a wrap, swim diaper and training pants. I posted several photos of the new Tots Bots products.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @rumparooz

Rumparooz introduced new prints! See photos of the new Rumparooz prints here.

#ABCKids14 via @chgdiapers @thirstiesinc sand dollar silver dollar ocean life and school of fish

Thirsties unveiled a new one-size AIO, newborn AIO and print collection. See photos of the new Thirsties diaper and Thirsties Ocean Collection here.

What was your favorite release?

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