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My Evolution in Cloth Diapering – A Guest Post from Carolyn


Post contains affiliate links. Carolyn is a first time mom who has been cloth diapering for 7 months, and blogs at According to Carolyn. “I’m Carolyn! I’m a 20-something homemaker and aspiring crunchy mama to a wonderful,handsome, and exhausting son, Tonio! I am a stay at home mom and a natural parenting, attachment parenting, co sleeping, breastfeeding, cloth diapering/chemical free diaper advocate! I tend to go against the “norm” and choose to do what I believe is best for my children and want to leave a better earth for my family. I really like the quote “If you know better, DO BETTER!” I strive to live a natural and simple lifestyle but it’s a work in progress still! I started a blog to share my love of natural parenting and help others cloth diaper!” Today Carolyn is sharing her cloth diapering story.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I knew I wanted to use cloth diapers on my baby; it was just a matter of convincing my boyfriend to feel the same way. However, after a little *ahem….coaxing* he was fully supportive once our son was born. Soon after we brought our son Tonio home, I began researching cloth diapering and joined cloth diaper swaps on Facebook, but it was all so foreign to me! The lingo, different types and brands of diapers, and what the heck was a snappi?! In my mind, cloth diapers were just prefolds, pins, and a cover. I had NO IDEA where to start! After watching all of the great videos online, and reading wonderful blogs, I went from not know much of anything about cloth, to being fully educated and it changed my boyfriend’s mind about cloth diapering as well! I actually have a cloth diaper keychain to strike up conversations on cloth and I can easily show other mama’s who show interest.

After a lot of reading, I decided to buy some diapers off the swap I joined. I purchased some Fuzzibunz, Diaper Rite, Kissaluvs, and random inserts. I didn’t care for anything I purchased, and was also scammed on a sale, so after being greatly disappointed, I decided to give up on swaps for a while. Then, I found the Cottonbabies website and discovered Bum Genius diapers, I had to have them! My boyfriend bought 20 pocket diapers, and when they arrived I was like a little kid on Christmas morning!


We loved our Bum Genius diapers so much that we sold off all of the other diapers we had and made our stash completely of Bum Genius. I then came across a business called Cuddle Butts, run by a WAHM. She makes custom hybrid fitted diapers which were so cute, so of course I HAD to have some of those too. I’m pretty sure I was waiting by my front door waiting for the mailman to deliver my Tonio’s diapers! I also discovered a cloth diaper store, Shutterlove, in my town which surprised me because I never heard of anyone cloth diapering around here.

Of course when I was completely happy with our stash…something big happened. A friend in my private cloth group introduced the group to Ragababe diapers. At first, I didn’t jump on that train- I was like “What!? A $36 diaper, forget that!” But I finally made the time to watch a video of the diaper OTB in action, and that was all it took to convince me. I ordered one from their website during a stocking and when I received it, I was so happy. It was the best diaper I have ever seen being so durable and made from the best materials-it definitely felt worth 36 bucks!

ragababe OTB

So now here I am, destashing and waiting on the next stocking so I can build up a Ragababe stash. We are still going to keep the majority of our Bum Genius and all of our Cuddle Butts, but we are definitely adding more Ragababes to the mix! We have only been cloth diapering for 7 months and our preferences have already evolved so much since buying our very first cloth diaper! While we love our pocket diapers, I am really in love with the ease of the all in one type diapers, especially when the time comes for more kids, which will be very soon, I am going to need something easy and also saves time.

ragababe OTB2

I am excited to build my new Ragababe stash, hopefully when I am finished I’ll be content, and not have stash envy…of course as soon as my stash is complete again, I’m sure the next big thing will just be around the corner, and I’ll be on the hunt again for the postman with my fluff mail.

Carolyn Miles

Thanks for sharing your story Carolyn! Do you have a story to share? Send me an email!

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