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School of Cloth Week 1 – Emergency Cloth Diapering


School of Cloth is an annual, month-long event with cloth diaper classes hosted by Real Diaper Circles, Real Diaper Association businesses, and cloth diapering veterans. If you attend a class, you can receive certificates and enter to win a cloth diapering package. If you win, you can select a cloth diaper charity, like Giving Diapers Giving Hope, to receive a matching prize! Every week, I’ll cover a different topic, and invite you to link your blog posts as well. This week’s topic is emergency cloth diapering.

Every diaper, cloth or disposable, is virtually the same. A water resistant layer, an absorbent material, and sometimes an inner layer. If you’re in a pinch, almost anything can be a diaper.

If you have a cloth diaper cover, you’re golden. Use a flour sack towel, kitchen towel or even a t-shirt as your absorbency and you’re on your way.

The Eco Friendly Family has an amazing no-sew t-shirt diaper tutorial and Dirty Diaper Laundry shows you how to turn a t-shirt into two flats. If you don’t have a cover, pin closed and change often or make a no-sew fleece cover from a blanket.

Have you ever DIY’d a diaper?

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    […] Have you ever been stuck somewhere without a diaper? What did you do? I have DIY Emergency Diaper help, whether you normally use disposables or cloth diapers. I’m joining in with the School of Cloth for Week 1. If you would like to link up, please click HERE. […]

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