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School of Cloth Week 2: Cloth Diapering From Birth


School of Cloth is an annual, month-long event with cloth diaper classes hosted by Real Diaper Circles, Real Diaper Association businesses, and cloth diapering veterans. If you attend a class, you can receive certificates and enter to win a cloth diapering package. If you win, you can receive a cloth diaper charity, like Giving Diapers Giving Hope, to receive a matching prize! Every week, I’ll cover a different topic, and invite you to link your blog posts as well. This week’s topic is cloth diapering from birth.

Some families choose to use disposable diapers rather than newborn cloth diapers in the early weeks either for convenience or until meconium passes. I’ve disposable diapered a newborn and cloth diapered a newborn and I personally find cloth diapers much easier.

You can use a diaper service and let someone else do the work, or you can wash them yourself and pretty much do less laundry. Newborn disposables=blowout city while newborn cloth contains messes much better in my experience.

Newborn cloth diapers also tend to hold their resale value if you buy and later re-sell, though you can choose to rent newborn cloth diapers or purchase used cloth diapers as well.

If you decide to buy newborn cloth diapers, prefolds are the most economical option and I promise prefolds aren’t scary. Once they are outgrown that make excellent absorbency boosters in larger diapers, so they don’t go to waste.

Have you cloth diapered a newborn? What did you use?

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