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Why You Need a Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Even if You Aren’t Breastfeeding!

If you click and buy, we may receive a small commission, thank you! For the good of moms everywhere, this is a product that I just have to inform you about! The Smart Bottoms nursing scarf has quickly become one of my favorite accessories. I’ve owned one for over a year, but I had to order another one so I wasn’t wearing the same thing in every picture.

Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Review

I am confident that the Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf will also become your favorite cold weather accessory. The scarf is made out of 100% cotton flannel fabric. The more you use the scarf, the softer the fabric becomes. It features snaps on one side which allow you to customize the way you wear it and the amount of coverage you are comfortable with while nursing. The care instructions say to hand wash and lay flat to dry. I am a bit of a rebel and throw mine right in the washer on cold and it has been fine. The scarf comes complete with a small tag featuring the adorable Smart Bottoms logo, the bird Phoebe.

Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Review

This scarf is not just for nursing moms. In fact, since I have owned one I have not been a nursing mom. My favorite feature of the scarf is the snaps. In my opinion, it is what separates the Smart Bottoms nursing scarf from the other scarves that I have in my closet that are “just scarves”.  I also love plaid. The scarf comes complete with a nifty little tag that shows multiple ways it can be worn.

I love wearing infinity scarves while out and about, at home and to work. Snapping all of the snaps on the scarf transforms it into an infinity scarf. Easy, stylish and cute.

Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Review

Not into infinity scarves? No problem. You can unsnap all of the snaps and wear it as a regular scarf too.

Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Review

My favorite way to wear the scarf is what Smart Bottoms refers to as “the traveler” on the tag. To achieve this style, you put the scarf on like an infinity scarf with all of the snaps snapped, and then unsnap a few to sit over your shoulder. I get so many compliments when I wear it this way, which is also nice.

Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Review

Smart Bottoms also says that the scarf can be worn as a vest. This style is awesome when I am not pregnant, but at 34 weeks pregnant, this style is a little more difficult and less flattering to achieve.

To nurse baby while wearing the scarf would be a breeze. You simply unsnap some snaps to offer the coverage that you desire. I personally can not wait to use the scarf to nurse in!

Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf ReviewSmart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Review

Aside from wearing and using the scarf for its intended purpose this scarf has been a life saver throughout my pregnancy. I am extremely sensitive to smells. I can not tell you how many times I have been thankful for my scarf for masking the unpleasant smells of life. I just bury my nose and mouth into it and breathe.

Life with kids can be unpredictable. I wore my scarf on my class’s field trip to the pumpkin patch this year. I unsnapped my scarf all the way and it became the perfect blanket to cover the cold seats on the tractor ride for my students. It was also wrapped around a student who was cold and didn’t have a warm enough jacket. I have also used my scarf as a makeshift changing pad to give my toddler something comfy to lay on.

Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Review

This is a product I can recommend with confidence. It is a high quality product that is stylish, functional and well made.

Smart Bottoms Flannel Nursing Scarf Review

What is your favorite Smart Bottoms Nursing Cover color?

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Janel Clark
Janel is the mother of two. She enjoys spreading the word about cloth diapers and strives to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle. Although Janel enjoys cloth diapering, using cloth was actually her husband's idea. Working full time as a teacher and balancing motherhood consumes most of her time.
  • Melissa
    October 12, 2018 at 3:20 am

    This sounded super familiar! “I had to order another one so I wasn’t wearing the same thing in every picture.”I have the same exact one, and I am looking into getting another for the same reason. I wear it everywhere, and now that it’s been in last year’s big fall moments AND this year’s fall family pictures, I feel like it’s time to add a new one to the closet!
    Great review, I love all the extra uses you found as a teacher, I am a childcare teacher myself. 🙂

  • Bianca Munoz
    January 5, 2018 at 11:40 am

    Ooooh! These look so nice! I’ll have to definitely pick one up!

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