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Super Undies Pocket Potty Training Pants Review Updated 11/11/13

Super Undies 0

Post contains affiliate links, I received a prouct at no cost to review. Super Undies are adorable cloth training pants designed to look like big kid undies. The super hero inspired training pants are made in the U.S.A., and are trim, absorbent and easy to use.

Super Undies 1 pkg

Even the packaging will get your little one excited to use the potty! Super Undies are available as a simple pull on style trainer ($19.95-$21.95 depending on size), nighttime undies with 9 layers of absorbency, fleece covered legs and waist and sizes to fit up to 12 years old ($29.95-$34.95) and the pocket trainers that I received ($19.95-$21.95.)

Super Undies 2 side Super Undies 3 front
Super Undies 4 back

The trainers are easy to pull on, but also have snaps at the back to make them easier to take off in case of accidents.

Super Undies 5
Super Undies 6 snaps Super Undies 7 snaps

The really nice thing about the pocket trainers is that you can make them as absorbent as you need to.

Super Undies 8 pocket Super Undies 9 sewn in soaker

They have a thin sewn in soaker, but also have a pocket to add more absorbency.

Super Undies 9 extra soaker Super Undies 10 close up of soaker top
Super Undies 11 tag Super Undies 12 size on soaker

I received one step-up insert with my trainer ($4.50 each.) You can really use as many as you need, but Super Undies does recommend that you consider sizing up if you’re planning to use more than 1-2 inserts. You can use one, two or three inserts as you need, and Super Undies can essentially function as pull up diapers for a child who is very new to potty learning, making the transition from diapers to trainers much smoother.

Super Undies 9-1 soakers after washing bleeding

The super undies are available in several super hero inspired colors. I received the red. I washed the trainer & soaker together, but apart from other diaper laundry since I was in a hurry to use it, but didn’t have other diapers to wash. The red did bleed onto the inserts a bit, so I’d recommend washing your super undies separately the first few times.

Super Undies Size Chart

Typical Age
2 – 3 yrs
2 – 5 yrs
5 + yrs

I received a size small for my almost 2 1/2 year old, 27ish pound son. The size chart above was accurate when I received mine, but it slightly different now. The sizes themselves seem the same but the age recommendations are a bit different.

Here is the small pocket training pant measured folded and stretched:

Super Undies 14 folded Super Undies 15 stretched

There are two snap settings with 3 snaps each.

Smaller setting (laid flat as well as stretched):

Super Undies 16 smaller waist setting Super Undies 17 smaller waist setting stretched

Larger setting:

Super Undies 18 larger waist setting Super Undies 19 larger waist setting streched

The smaller setting fit my little guy well, and he has plenty of space to grow into them.

Super Undies 20 small on 27 lb Super Undies 21 small front

The insert fits perfectly into the pocket, and it looks very trim even when stuffed.

Super Undies 13 soaker in pocket

They are easy to pull on and off as needed to use the potty or to change them.

Super Undies 22 small front standing Super Undies 23 side Super Undies 24 back

The stretchy sides make them very easy to use!

Super Undies 25 stretchy sides Super Undies 26 pull down

Super Undies are training pants that can take you from the “still needs diapers, but trying to use the potty stage” all the way to “just need a little help on car rides.” The night time undies are a great choice for older kids that might need extra security at night, but don’t want to feel like they are wearing a diaper.

Update 11/11/13

We are using these at night time on my 4.5 year old, and they fit him wonderfully. He is between 33 & 35 lbs & rather petite, but not scrawny. He prefers to wear them over his undies because then it is “just to catch accidents” rather than a diaper.

Small Super Undies Pocket Training Pant - largest snaps - on 33ish lb 4.5 yr old via @chgdiapers 1 Small Super Undies Pocket Training Pant - largest snaps - on 33ish lb 4.5 yr old via @chgdiapers 2
Small Super Undies Pocket Training Pant - largest snaps - on 33ish lb 4.5 yr old via @chgdiapers 3

I like the fit on him & don’t think he needs a larger size, though we are using the largest snap setting. They leaked one night when my husband put them on him backwards! We use them with the booster & they are absorbent enough to catch even big accidents.

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