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Bumgenius Elemental Cloth Diapers Old vs. New Style Comparison

@Bumgenius elemental #clothdiapers old vs new - side by side comparison via @chgdiapers

I bought a Bumgenius Elemental in 2010 for my older son. I had only been cloth diapering for about a year at that point, but I was quickly figuring out what type of diapers I preferred. When my older son potty trained, my stash that felt like not-quite-enough-for-2-children, was a bit overwhelming for just one! I pared down my stash and donated diapers that weren’t my favorites, and this one didn’t make the cut. As I just posted this week, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad diaper, it just means it’s not my favorite. 🙂 I was definitely intrigued by the changes and wanted to offer you a side by side comparison, so here it is. Two spankin’ new Bumgenius Elementals; one old style, one new, compared. (side note, no idea what is wrong with my *&*^&* picture color. My white balance looks great on the camera screen, then on the computer…blue. Edit pictures?? Ain’t nobody got time fo dat! 😉 This post better shows what Dazzle actually looks like!)

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Bumgenius Elemental (A.K.A. Organic AIO) Review


Bumgenius Elemental Diaper

I purchased this Bumgenius Elemental, Organic One-Size All-in-One with the $20 Abby’s Lane gift certificate I won from Show Your Amor the day after my Birthday.  Happy Birthday me!

Bumgenius Organic AIO Diaper

The elementals come with snap closures only, and the price is a little steep at $24.95 each.  They are very similar to the Flip or Bumgenius 4.0 in size and shape, but it is certified organic cotton on the inside, and it’s an all-in-one style.  Since it’s organic cotton, it does need to be “prepped” by washing 5 or more times, to gain maximum absorbency.  I think I may have washed it 3 times before using it the first time, knowing that it would gain absorbency with further washes.

Bumgenius AIO Diaper Soaker Bumgenius Organic AIO Soaker

Bumgenius AIO Cloth Diaper

The soaker is sewn in a loop style to dry a bit faster, and wash a bit more thoroughly, but I found it still took quite a while to dry.  While the soaker is all organic cotton, there will still be PUL touching the baby’s skin at the front and back (which will serve as a stopper to prevent leaking and wicking.)

Bumgenius AIO vs 4.0 Bumgenius Elemental leg elastic vs Pocket Diaper Elastic

The size is very similar to the Bumgenius 4.0, but I prefer the leg elastic style of the 4.0.  The elemental is one-size via the same snap down rise the Bumgenius 3.0 & 4.0 Pocket diapers have.

Measurements are of course a wee bit subjective, since you can eke out a little more or less depending on just how you hold it.

Here is the small setting, folded and stretched:

Bumgenius Elemental Small Folded Bumgenius AIO Diaper Small Stretched

Medium folded and stretched:

Bumgenius Organic Diaper Medium FoldedBumgenius Elemental Diaper Medium Stretched

Large folded and stretched:

Bumgenius Elemental Diaper Large Folded Bumgenius Organic AIO Large Stretched

Here it is on my son, who is in the medium setting, at about 18.5 pounds and 30″:

Bumgenius Elemental Medium on BabyBumgenius Organic AIO on Baby

Bumgenius Diaper on 18.5 lb baby

It did fit well, and did not leak (even before it was fully prepped) but I did have to roll the leg elastic in a bit.  My personal preference (which you know if you’ve been reading for a while!) is a pocket diaper with a stay dry inner and Velcro closure.  However, if you are looking for an easy to use all-in-one with an organic soaker, this may be your ticket!

FTC Compliance: I paid normal retail price for this item, which was purchased using a gift certificate I won.  I was not compensated for this review.

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