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Cloth Diapering Diaper Sprayers How To/Demo

Video Demo of the Dunk & Swish (& Flush) Method

A few readers had asked for a video of my dunk and swish method.  Since I love you guys, I obliged.  I don’t like the sound of my voice, and I did my fair share of stammering since I was nervous!  My New York friend says I have an accent, but I think she’s the one with the accent, hee hee!

If your baby is breastfed (or on very few solids) there is no need to rinse the diapers first, just throw them in the wash.  I’ve heard that formula fed baby poop is the same, but I don’t have first hand experience with that.

When your baby is older, you can flip the solids into the toilet and flush; anything remaining is usually fine to go in the wash.  However, in that in-between stage (or in my case, when baby has had a lot of fruit or juice!) diapers need a little extra help.  If you don’t have a diaper sprayer, you can still dunk and swish without sticking your hands in gross water!

I almost forgot: I can’t take credit for this method, I am pretty sure it was one of my readers who suggested I try it, but I can’t for the life of me remember who!

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“What’s a disposable diaper?” and My First “Dunk and Swish”

>Saturday, my son had one of “those” diapers.  I commented to my husband that the, ahem, “deposit” (which was creeping dangerously close to the outside of the Fuzzibunz perfect size diaper) would never have been contained in a disposable diaper!  It’s been a while since I used disposables, but I remember blowouts all too well!

My almost-6-year-old daughter said “what’s a disposable diaper?”  I’m a little baffled by the question, since we used disposables on her brother for 4 months, and I’m pretty sure she’s seen other people change a diaper and throw it away.  I’m guessing she was just confused by the term “disposable.”

In any case, I said “It’s a diaper you throw away,” and she said “Oh.”  It would be pretty cool if someday we looked back at our “throw it away” generation, and didn’t understand it!

So that diaper led me to my first “dunk and swish.”  In over 15 months of cloth diapering, I’ve never done that.  But this diaper…let’s just say it was a little beyond scraping, but was too much to throw in the washer.  I was asking myself why I hadn’t bought a diaper sprayer yet.

After I already had to reach into the potty to fish out a cloth wipe I’d accidentally dropped in, I used a tip someone gave me.  I pulled the insert out, held the ends of the diaper in my hand (firmly) with the inner facing out.  I dunked it in the toilet and flushed (several times.)  I held onto it tightly, but let it kind of get pulled down with the flush.

It really worked quite well and wasn’t terribly gross!  I was able to flip it back around with the PUL side out again and carry it to the wet bag (I need to put one in the bathroom!) without dripping.

So now I feel a little more initiated, and more like a real cloth diapering Mom.  Ha ha!

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