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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 12/6/10 Fitted diapers

fitted #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

It’s Monday again (How does that keep happening?  Where does the weekend go?) so it’s Mailbox Mondays time!  If you’d like your question to be answered in a Mailbox Mondays post, send an email to maria at change-diapers.com with “Mailbox Mondays” in your subject.
Courtney says:
Hi Maria,

What are your favorite fitted diapers? We only have 2 (a Thirsties Fab Fitted and a Muttaqin Baby) so far. If my Thirsties is clean, it is the first diaper I grab for! I love fitteds and covers! I am looking at buying more to replace some pockets I recently sold. I would love to have your opinion because I also have a very small 1 year old who is only 18 lbs!


Hi Courtney!  I’ll be honest, fitteds aren’t my favorite.  Mostly because I’m lazy and I might die if I have to snap 4 extra snaps (kidding).  That being said, fitteds are awesome for their absorbency.  Plus, the elastic of the fitted combined with the elastic of the cover is fantastic for containing messy uhhh…messes.

A super absorbent fitted with a wool cover is a lifesaver for a heavy wetter at night.  It’s finally what got me through the nights sane, and with my son dry!  I love my Guerilla Fluff Utilitarian.  It has two soakers with 3 layers of bamboo fleece each, with optional zorb added as well, plus a doubler with 2 layers of bamboo fleece and a layer of wool!  It doesn’t have snap closures, so I just use it at night.

My Heartland Dreams Fitted is also amazing.  It’s incredibly well made, super absorbent, and not really as gigantic as you’d think a diaper that absorbent would be.  Plus, it came with hip snap covers!

My Ellabella Bottoms Fitted is work-at-home-mom made, just like the other two.  The Ellabella Bottoms review actually has a photo of all three of these diapers stacked on top to compare thickness.  This one is also very, very absorbent, though a little bulky for daytime.

Lastly, the Little Beetle Little to Big Fitted and Wool Cover are quite different than the others, but also great.  It is hands down, the trimmest diaper I have.  Yet, very absorbent!  I wouldn’t use it at night, but it’s excellent during the day, and very cute!  The elastic is drawn a bit tighter, and I think it would fit most small babies well.  My son was 20 pounds at his 18 month checkup, but he’s also proportionately short, so he’s not super skinny like my long & lean daughter was!

I’ve only used maybe 10 fitted diapers, as opposed to nearly 50 Pockets/AIO/AI2 diapers!  I definitely need to review more fitteds, but like anyone, I tend to spend my fluff funds on my favorites.  😉  Thirsties Fab Fitteds are definitely on my “to-try” list for newborns, if I ever get to diaper one!

How about you gals?  Do you have a favorite fitted?  Are they WAHM made?

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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 10/18/10


email me

Every Monday I will answer user submitted questions. They don’t have to be about cloth diapering! I’ll always answer questions via email, but if you would like your question to be answered in a Mailbox Mondays post, send an email with the subject “Mailbox Mondays” to Maria at change-diapers dot com.

I’m looking for MM submissions for late October and beyond!

Marah says:

I am so sick of leaks overnight! What is your solution for overnight cloth diapering?

This is a pretty common dilemma, and one that caused me a lot of trouble!  Sometimes, it’s as simple as the right fit and the right insert.  I was stuffing my Bumgenius diapers so thick that I had to size up, and was having leg gap issues.
Make sure the diaper fits snugly at the legs, and that the inner of the diaper and the insert are all tucked in.  Also make sure no clothing is tucked into the diaper! I’ve accidentally had my son’s shirt stuck in the back of the diaper before!
If your diaper fits well, but you don’t have enough absorbency (the insert is completely saturated in the morning) try adding a second full size insert, a hemp doubler, or what really worked for me, a Knickernappies Superdo insert.
If you still have trouble, bring out the big guns.  Super absorbent fitteds with wool soakers are an awesome combo.  I’ve had great luck with the Guerilla Fluff utilitarian.  Make sure your wool soaker is well lanolized, and look for soakers designed for night time, since they have extra layers in the wet zone.  I love our Mobums Night Night Wool Soaker
Now that it’s getting cooler, putting your child in fleece pajama pants will give you another layer of wetness protection!  Like wash routines, overnight diapering is annoying since as soon as you figure it out, something changes!  Once I finally had our routine down pat, my son stopped wetting as heavily!
Nancy says:
Here’s a question for Mailbox Mondays: What are the best soaking, washing and drying methods to keep your diapers clean, soft, and absorbent?

Unfortunately, there’s no one-size-fits-all answer for this!  It depends heavily on your water, your machine, how often you wash, how many diapers you wash at a time etc.
For me, a cold wash with no detergent, hot wash with a tiny amount of detergent, with an extra rinse works well.
I hang my shells to dry and tumble the inserts in the dryer.
About every other month, I soak all of my diapers and inserts overnight in RLR, then rinse until the water is clean.  Then, I wash only the inserts with a dab of bleach, then rinse until the water is clean and I don’t smell bleach.
I spent a lot of time playing with wash routines and detergents.  Right now I am using Tide HE powder, but I use only about 1/4 of the lowest load line for a full load of diapers. 
How about you gals?  Did you have trouble coming up with an overnight solution?  What have you tried?  What works for you?
How about wash routines?  How do you wash & dry?  What detergent do you use?  How many detergents did you go through before you found the right one?  Do you strip your diapers or treat them?  How often?  What do you use?

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Guerilla Fluff


I became interested in Guerilla Fluff because of a custom she did.  I still have diaper envy.  Unfortunately, that customer provided the fabric, so none for me.  Wah wah!!
I had been on the hunt for the most absorbent fitted I could find, and while browsing Guerilla Fluff, I discovered The Utilitarian Night Time Diaper (sorry, the website is all flash, so I can’t link).
The Utilitarian has an outer, hidden and inner layer, all of Bamboo Rayon Fleece.  The diaper is turned and top-stitched, and has decorative stitching reminiscent of Frankenstein (the buyer chooses the color).  Even my hubby thought it was very cool.  That’s one of the most awesome things about Guerilla Fluff.  They’re not your typical cutesy diapers, though she can make those too if you want them!
What really sold me was that the soakers (two of them) were each made of 3 layers of bamboo fleece, there was an option to add Zorb (I chose this option) and a precision doubler made of 2 layers of bamboo fleece and 1 layer of wool was included as well.  This was the most absorbency I’d seen in a fitted!
The washing instructions said I didn’t need to pre-wash, though it would become more absorbent with future washings, so I only washed once.
I do love a handwritten note!
Here’s the back of the business card:
The first time I used the diaper, I folded over all of the soakers.
I huffed and puffed and managed to get pins in.
It was hard to get a good fit with the pins!
I put the wool cover on, followed by a fleece sleep sack.
Naturally, he soaked right through it!  I didn’t contact Novia about it because I knew it was operator error and had nothing to do with the diaper.  I was in my cloth diaper group, feeling sorry for myself and trying to figure out if my super-soaker son was hiding a garden hose in his crib that he was soaking his diapers with.  I had no idea that Novia was a member!  She sent me a private message offering to help me troubleshoot.
With everyone’s help, I figured out that I needed to fully prep the diaper (babies who aren’t as heavy wetters would probably do fine using it without prepping) get a tighter fit with a snappi, and lanolize my wool more heavily.
I ordered a snappi from Abby’s Lane, lanolized the heck out of my wool, and figured I could prep the diaper while I waited for the snappi to arrive.  The snappi came too quickly, so I had to set it aside while I washed & dried the diaper a total of about 10 times.
This time, I didn’t fold the soakers over.
I got a nice snug fit.
and managed to
get the snappi
Much better!
I topped it with my freshly lanolized wool.
and fleece pants!
In the morning, he was dry!  Since all of the materials he was cocooned in are breathable, I did feel ever so slight dampness, but it was the kind of dampness you feel when you ignore your dryer for a while, then can’t tell if your clothes are damp or just cold. No biggie.
I’ve used it several times since then with no leaks, though he has managed to completely saturate all of those layers!!
I love my Guerilla Fluff!  Novia also makes a one size diaper with snaps, a one size pinnable, a sized side snapping diaper, and the Utilitarian in original (10-24 lbs) and toddler (25-40 lbs).  She can also add snaps to the utilitarian now.  She also makes bamboo prefolds and full size and “precision” doublers.
Customs are closed for now, but check out Guerilla Fluff on Facebook, GF on Twitter and GF on Blogspot to keep up with what’s happening!
Edit August 2010: This is still in our regular night time rotation, though we don’t need as much absorbency anymore.
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Drool Drool!

>I want this diaper!!  I’m so in love with that print!

You need flash to view their website and I can’t link directly to the item, but I really want to try one of their night time diapers with the optional zorb added.  I just prefer a cute print over the utilitarian look.

Here’s the info:

Diaper Mechanics:

Outer: Bamboo Rayon Fleece

Hidden: Bamboo Rayon Fleece

Inner: Bamboo Rayon Fleece

Styling: This diaper is turned and top stitched for your baby’s comfort

Soakers: 2 snap in soakers each made from 3 layers bamboo fleece with an extra Precision Doubler
(2 layers of bamboo fleece plus 1 layer of wool) for extra coverage

Original: Fits from 10-24 lbs
Toddler: Fits from 25-35 lbs

They are awfully pricey, but worth it if they work!

*edit* turns out that Mama sent that fabric in herself.  The maker can make a nightime diaper with a knit outer though.  I might see if I can get in on the turquoise ooga co-op!

*edit again* Between the co-op turnaround and the diaper turnaround, it would be 2-3 months before I got the diaper.  If I can find some in-stock fabric I like, I will buy a diaper cut and a custom slot.  Otherwise, I might go ahead and buy one of the utilitarian diapers!

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