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Lumma Disc vs. SoftDisc Menstrual Disc

This post talks about menstruation, body parts, and intercourse. If that makes you uncomfortable, don’t continue reading. I purchased these products myself, but this post may include affiliate links, meaning if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission. Thank you!

Though I have used reusable menstrual cups in the past, the only menstrual disc I had used was the SoftDisc, which was originally called the SoftCup. For background, I’m 40, I’ve given birth to three children, I have a tilted uterus, generally low cervix, and mild cystocele. Though I’ve been using the SoftDiscs for about three years, I bought them in order to have mess-free period sex, rather than really using them as my sole menstrual product. SoftDiscs are just over $10 for 14 on Amazon, and they’re wasteful, so I was interested in a reusable product.

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