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Lumma Disc vs. SoftDisc Menstrual Disc

This post talks about menstruation, body parts, and intercourse. If that makes you uncomfortable, don’t continue reading. I purchased these products myself, but this post may include affiliate links, meaning if you click and buy, I may receive a small commission. Thank you!

Though I have used reusable menstrual cups in the past, the only menstrual disc I had used was the SoftDisc, which was originally called the SoftCup. For background, I’m 40, I’ve given birth to three children, I have a tilted uterus, generally low cervix, and mild cystocele. Though I’ve been using the SoftDiscs for about three years, I bought them in order to have mess-free period sex, rather than really using them as my sole menstrual product. SoftDiscs are just over $10 for 14 on Amazon, and they’re wasteful, so I was interested in a reusable product.

Enter Period Nirvana’s amazing menstrual cup quiz. I took the quiz, selected discs as my option, and also did a little chatting on Period Nirvana’s Instagram page on a thread about discs. I settled on the Lumma Disc High, in the color unicorn.

The disc comes in a box, with an instructional pamphlet and a reusable pouch for storage.

Like any other disc or cup, you boil for 3 minutes before the first use (and between cycles), then just wash between uses.

A disc can seem frighteningly large but I promise it’s not as scary as it looks! The Lumma Disc comes with a silicone “string” to assist with removal, but I cut it off completely before first use.

The Lumma Disc and SoftDisc are quite similar in size and shape. The Lumma Disc is entirely soft silicone, while the SoftDisc has a crinkly “cup” portion and harder, plastic rim.

The Lumma Disc feels more flexible at the rim than the SoftDisc. This made it a little bit more tricky to insert, but it was far more comfortable for both me and my husband (he describes hitting the SoftDisc during intercourse as “hitting a curb”) and could barely be felt by either of us.

Importantly for me, I didn’t experience any leaks, while I sometimes did with the SoftDisc. I’m not a menstrual cup/disc expert, but I credit the disc’s flexibility for that. If you have a well-endowed partner, it may get pushed or moved a bit, and I think the softness of the Lumma Disc’s rim allowed it to better conform to my body and stay in place.

While I thought the Lumma Disc was a little tougher to insert correctly than the SoftDisc, I think it was well worth it. I paid $29 + $4.95 shipping for the Lumma Disc, and I know it will last for many years to come!

If you’re interested in trying menstrual discs/cups, or if you’ve tried one that wasn’t quite right for you, I highly recommend taking the Period Nirvana quiz to find the perfect one for you!

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