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Cloth Diapering Mailbox Mondays Washing

Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays 10/17/11 – Environmental Impact of Cloth vs. Disposables

#clothdiapers vs disposables and the environment via @chgdiapers

Monday means Mailbox Mondays, or time for cloth diaper advice. I answer a reader submitted question, and ask my readers to help too!

Questions don’t have to be cloth diaper related, just email maria at change-diapers.com with “Mailbox Mondays” in the subject, or fill out my contact form for readers, which you will always be able to find on my Contact Page.

Suki says:

I recently made homemade detergent for cloth diapers to try it out. I posted the results of the first wash on Facebook. One person said that disposables are more environmentally friendly than cloth diapers because in order to kill the bacterial, detergents need sulfates that are really bad for the environment and a really bad water/soil pollutant and at least disposables are biodegradable.

Say what? I have never read this anywhere but she’s one of those types of people who researches way deep into things. I’m not sure where she found her information or what detergent she’s basing it on. It seems like she thinks that detergents without sulfates (which I thought most cloth diaper detergents didn’t have but then again, maybe I’m thinking phosphates) doesn’t clean. I didn’t bother to ask what she thought of regular laundry detergent which tends to be worse environmentally.

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