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Cloth Diapering Detergents How To/Demo Washing

Is Detergent Build Up Real? The Cloth Diaper Debate Continues

Is detergent buildup real cloth diapers

Is Detergent Build Up Real?

Before we get into it, here’s a quick summary if you don’t have time to read the whole post (I do recommend clicking my links to see what I was saying a decade ago as well!)

Best ways to wash cloth diapers

  • Today’s detergents are very concentrated; you may not need as much as you think
  • However, cloth diapers are heavily soiled laundry, treat it that way!
  • Detergent that works well on your family’s laundry should be fine for cloth diapers
  • Try to wash every 2-3 days
  • Don’t pack the washer full!

Why do I care about cloth diaper detergent?

Cloth diaper detergents and washing cloth diapers have always been subjects near and dear to my heart. One of the first posts I wrote on this blog in 2009 talked about how the myth of needing special cloth diaper detergents prevented me from using cloth diapers from birth with my second child. 

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Bumgenius 5.0 Cloth Diapers & News from Cottonbabies #ABCKids15

Cottonbabies Bumgenius at #ABCKids15 Bumgenius 5.0

I was not asked to write nor was I compensated for this post. If you click an affiliate link and make a purchase I may receive a small commission – thank you! Phew! My laundry is done, I’m all unpacked, photos uploaded and notes (almost) sorted through. I have several posts for you but there are so many new things from Cottonbabies, it needed its own!

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Cloth Diapering Cloth Diapers Washing

Move Over Tide, There’s a New Cloth Diaper Detergent in Town – Persil

Persil Detergent and #Clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

Oh hey, thanks for stopping by to read this. Just wanted to mention that I paid for these products myself and I wasn’t asked to write, nor was I compensated for this post in any way. Cloth diaper detergent is an important issue for me and I just wanted to share. All opinions are my own! 🙂

Washing cloth diapers can be a hot button issue, and choosing a cloth diaper detergent is a polarizing subject. I’ve been a loyal Tide user for 5 of my 5 1/2 years of cloth diapering and weathered the change to the Ultra formula and Tide with Actilift. So what made me break up with Tide? The recent scent change, which they denied to me but confirmed to others. I even tried opening the box to air it out but I just couldn’t do it. Sorry Tide, you had to go. I tried Gain but it wasn’t love. I’d heard a lot about Persil Pro Clean Power Pearls and decided to give it a try. Move over Tide, there’s a new cloth diaper detergent in my laundry room!

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Cloth Diapering Mailbox Mondays Washing

Mailbox Monday 4/7/14 – Washing Cloth Diapers at the Laundromat

washing #clothdiapers at the laundromat via @chgdiapers

On Mailbox Monday I answer a user submitted question, if I’ve received submissions. Don’t miss any posts! Subscribe to our RSS Feed or subscribe via email.

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Mailbox Mondays Washing

Cloth Diaper Advice Mailbox Monday 3/17/14 – Water Heater Temperature

#clothdiapers and water heater temperature via @chgdiapers

Once a week, I publish a reader submitted question. Don’t miss any posts! Subscribe to our new RSS Feed or subscribe via email.

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