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Two Little Piggies Tester Diaper


I got to test a one size fitted for Two Little Piggies Diapers

The fabric is super soft.

The snaps were evenly applied.
It has the same fold down rise with extra snaps that many one size fitteds have.
What made it unique was the snaps on the front that allowed you to snap the rise in place after folding.
This would eliminate one step in diapering a smaller baby (folding the rise and then holding it in place while you snap.)  There are also plenty of overlap snaps for itty babies!
The soaker is petal style for more thorough washing and faster drying.
If you needed to, you could stuff more material inside the petals for extra absorbency.
In this picture, you get a good view of the extra snaps where you could secure the fold down rise if needed.  I got a good fit on the larger setting.
It was a bit smaller than some other one-size fitteds I have.  It fit about the same as some larger ones do on the smaller setting.
Normally, I wouldn’t put a brand new diaper to the test for something like sleeping, car rides and so forth until it had gotten several daytime uses.
I topped the diaper with a wool cover and shortly after that, the child who does not nap, took a nap.  A long one.  I was getting nervous!  I was expecting soaked clothes and soaked sheets but nope!  Not a single leak!  The diaper was saturated but his clothes and his sheets were dry!  Not too shabby!  It’s been in our regular rotation since we got it, and it even contained a very messy poop yesterday, without getting any on the cover!
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