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Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays 5/16/11 – Washing Diapers with Other Laundry

Sometimes even experienced cloth diaperers have cloth diaper questions. Mailbox Mondays are where I take user-submitted questions, answer them, and ask my readers to weigh in too!

Questions don’t have to be cloth diaper related, just email maria at change-diapers.com with “Mailbox Mondays” in the subject, or Fill out my contact form for readers, which you will always be able to find on my Contact Page.

Hannah says:

Hi Maria,

I have a question that maybe you could weigh in on, or your readers!

My 22 month old son has been doing great on the potty, woo-hoo! My diaper pail is getting 3-8 wet/dirty diapers or training pants every 3 days. I don’t like letting things sit longer than that, and it doesn’t seem worth doing a load of laundry for just that many. Is it OK to put them through a rinse cycle or two and then wash them with other items like his clothing, or towels or sheets? Is there anything I shouldn’t wash them with? Any other options people have done, like hand washing?

Thank you!

Hannah VW

Yay for the potty! You’re definitely right to not want to let the diapers/trainers sit for more than 3 or so days and yes, you can totally wash diapers with other stuff!

I still wash lots of diapers, so I don’t really wash diapers with other laundry, but I do wash other laundry with diapers. I try to maximize my load size, so if I have a few washcloths, cloth napkins, towels etc., I will throw them in with a load of diapers.

What wouldn’t I wash them with? Well, I personally wouldn’t wash diapers with anything really heavily soiled (partially because those items might need more detergent than you’d want on your diapers), anything greasy/oily (like rags from the garage) or anything very dark colored that may bleed onto the diapers. I also never have luck adding items to loads of sheets; the stuff always gets balled up/tangled in the fitted sheet, but maybe that’s just me!

So how about the rest of you? Do you wash diapers with other things? Anything you won’t wash them with? I know we have some hand-washers/former hand-washers here. Has anyone hand washed because you had just a few diapers?

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