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Thirsties Duo Fab Fitted Review & Comparison To Fab Fitted Diaper

thirsties newborn fitted vs duo sz 1 ftted

I have done a Thirsties Duo Diaper Review and a Thirsties Duo Wrap Review, so I was curious about the new Duo Fab Fitteds.  I was super lucky and I won a duo fitted and cover in a Dirties on Diapering backer giveaway!  I wanted to do a comparison to the discontinued sized fab fitted, but I didn’t have one, and I was having trouble finding one.
I emailed Thirsties hoping they had one stashed in a warehouse they could sell me, but no such luck.  Their customer service is so awesome that without my asking, they posted on their Facebook page asking if any of their retailers had them in stock.  I found what I was looking for at Fern Leaf Boutique thanks to their help.  I ordered on Monday, February 28th and even though FLB is in California (I’m in Maryland), the diaper was in my mailbox on Wednesday March 2nd!  Whoa!!

newborn fab fitted

I bought the fab fitted in the extra-small/newborn size.  Fitteds and covers aren’t my first choice, but they are fantastic for holding in the explosive newborn messes.  I don’t have a newborn but hey…don’t judge me.  I love cloth diapers!



The discontinued fab fitteds are sized.  X-Small fits 6-12 lbs, Small fits 12-18 lbs, Medium fits 18-28 lbs and Large fits 28-40 lbs. 


They have a super soft outer, hook & loop closures and laundry tabs.

xs fittedsewn in soaker

The fab fitteds have a sewn in microfiber soaker and stay dry inner.

Here is the X-Small measured folded and stretched:

xs diaperstretched

Since I don’t have a newborn, I am using my usual “model.”  I’ve also pictured him in newborn and size 1 disposables, so you can compare.

gund manni

newborn frontnewborn back

one frontone back

thirsties xs fab fittedback

The retail price of the Fab Fitted was $14.50, though I got mine for $10.95 and free shipping (yippee!!) since it was discontinued.

thirsties sz 1 duo fab fitted

The Duo Fab Fitteds have a lot of the same great features, with a few improvements.  The MSRP is a bit higher at $17.00, but they are still a great deal when you consider that you are replacing 4 sized diapers with a size 1 and size 2 duo diaper.

fab fittedside


The duo fitted comes in easy hook & loop closures with laundry tabs, or snaps.


It still has the same soft, stay dry inner lining.


The microfiber soaker is sewn in a tunnel design for more thorough washing, quicker drying time and the ability to stuff it further if needed.

microfiber soakersewn through the middle

Of course, the duo fab fitted has rise snaps to adjust the size of the diaper.  Like the other duo products, the size 1 is estimated to fit 6-18 lbs and the 2 fits 18-40 lbs.

rise snaps

If you wonder about sizing, my Duo Wrap Review has a photo of my son at 21 lbs in the size 2 on the smallest setting, and the size 1 on the largest setting taken the same day.
Here’s the small setting of the size 1 measured folded and stretched:
small foldedsmall stretched

small on manniback

With the Newborn/X-Small wrap:

with newborn xs wrap

With the size 1 duo wrap:

with small sz 1 duo wrap

Middle setting:

mediummedium stretched


medium on manniback

Largest setting of the size 1:

large foldedstretched


So to recap the differences, of course the sizing difference.

thirsties fab fitted vs duo fitted diapers

Sewn in soaker vs tunnel soaker.

another view of soakerssoakers

Small setting of the size 1 duo is about the same size as the x-small fab fitted.

newborn fab vs small duo 1 fittedxs vs sz 1 small duo

Here’s the largest setting of the size 1 duo compared to the XS fab fitted:

xs vs duo largenewborn fab vs duo large

So, same great features, but now with the duo rise snaps (which don’t seem to add the bulk, probably largely because the soaker doesn’t fold/bunch on smaller settings.)  It’s available with a snap closure, and has an improved soaker style, and $2.50 higher price tag. See this on my newborn.

FTC compliance: The above pictured items were won in a giveaway and purchased at normal retail price.  I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are my own.

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