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Thirsties Newborn Natural Fiber Fitted – Review from a Mom

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I received this diaper for free. If you click & buy, I may receive a small commission. When Thirsties released their newborn natural fiber fitted, Brittany was expecting and agreed to review it for my when her baby arrived. The diapers fit babies from 5-14 pounds as the partner to their one size natural fiber fitted, and they retail for $17.95.

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Diapers are 70% rayon from bamboo & 30% cotton.

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@thirstiesinc newborn natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 6 insert snaps out

Choose from ocean blue, fin or moss snaps and stitching. There are 7 total layers of absorbency with 3 in the body of the diaper and 4 within the snap-in soaker pad.

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With an umbilical cord snap down and several snap settings, you can get a lot of use out of this diaper.

Here it is pictured with a (well loved) XS fab fitted.

@thirstiesinc newborn natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 9 vs xs duo prep prep

With a (well loved) size 1 duo fab fitted. In both of these pictures, the natural newborn fitted has not been prepped.

@thirstiesinc newborn natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 8 vs size 1 dueo prep prep

Even without being prepped, the diaper on the smallest setting fits in an XS Thirsties cover, and on the largest setting in a size 1 duo wrap.

@thirstiesinc newborn natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 10 in xs cover @thirstiesinc newborn natural fiber fitted #clothdiapers via @chdiapers 11 in size 1 duo cover

Now for what Brittany had to say.

Thanks to Maria at, I was able to test out the new Thirsties Bamboo Newborn Fitted diaper on my newborn. He must have sensed my excitement to try out this diaper, because he decided to come 9 days late, which made him a large newborn, at 8 lb 10 oz. However, I still found that I got the best fit with the newborn diapers.

Before he was born, I took some pictures of the bamboo fitted next to the Thirsties Duo Fitted size 1 that I had. Prior to prepping, you can see that there is little difference in rise with both diapers snapped to their smallest settings. Both diapers are about 5.5 inches tall with the rise snapped down, and 6 inches with the rise unsnapped.

prepped_compare_unsnap prepped_compare_big

prepped_compare_smallrise prepped_compare_open

This didn’t seem to change much with prepping, other than the fact that the bamboo curled up a little bit, and didn’t lay as flat for pictures.

The newborn fitted has the benefit of the umbilical snap down, which helped immensely with cloth diapering during that first week before the stump fell off. I wasn’t able to use the duo fitted until after that. Initially, I was surprised by the trimness of the bamboo fitted, but after prepping, it fluffed up a bit, and was comparable to the duo fitted when photographed. However, the bamboo newborn fitted is definitely trimmer on the bum than the duo fitted.


We first tried it out when my little guy was two days old, without the snap in insert. I was impressed by the fit, you can see clearly that the rise sat below the umbilical cord, and there were no leg gaps. At this point, he was 8 lb 5 oz, but note that he has skinny thighs (thanks entirely to his father’s genes). Absorbency was great, but he wasn’t voiding large amounts yet.


The next photo shoot is on day 6, when he is about 8 lb 9 oz. The cord had just fallen off at this point, but I wanted to let it keep airing out, so we continued to snap down the umbilical snap. The included insert is snapped in, and the fit continues to be great around the legs, waist and rise.

13daysfrontcompare 13dayssidecompare

At about a week and a half, we compared the duo fitted with the newborn. You can see that the duo fitted is bulkier (it fits very well, despite the bulkiness), but it still fits well in the duo wrap size one cover. We still had the rise snapped up on the newborn bamboo fitted, but we have gone out a snap at the waist. At this point, he was between 9 and 9.5 lbs. The newborn fitted is much less bulky, and leaves more room in the duo size one cover.


This last set of fit pictures is when he is about 12 pounds, and we are using the second from the largest waist snap. There is still room to grow, and the fit is still good.

I was impressed with the elastics, especially around the legs. Although he’s heavier, he has thin thighs, which can cause some fit issues, especially with a snap diaper. However, we were able to use this diaper right away, and it wasn’t even as tight as it could go, so I believe that this diaper could be used on a newborn weighing less than mine did. The absorbency is great without adding any additional doublers. I have used this diaper at night with no problems, although I do change him when he wakes to eat. It has made it 4-5 hours at night during those first weeks.

My only complaint about this diaper is the time it takes to dry. It takes two cycles in the dryer to dry, and drying on a rack takes about a day and a half. It does end up really soft compared to other natural fiber diapers dried on the rack, it isn’t too “crunchy.”

This diaper has outlasted most of our other newborn diaper options, as far as not needing additional absorbency. My son is now about 12 lbs at one month old, and I used the newborn fitted on a road trip, and, although it was saturated at 2.5 hours in, we had no leaks through the cover. The Thirsties Natural Fiber Newborn AIO usually lasts about an hour to an hour and a half without additional absorbency, so this fitted could be a more dependable alternative to the AIO, if you don’t mind using covers with your diapers.

Overall, this diaper is a great investment for anyone wanting to cloth diaper from day one. It’s not too bulky, and the absorbency lasts longer than many other options on the market. The fit is great on a newborn and a 12-pound baby, with room to grow.

Have you tried the Thirsties Natural Newborn Fitted?

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  • Anne
    November 14, 2016 at 11:16 am

    Wow, what a great review! Thanks for sharing how it fit past the immediate newborn phase. I love the simple look of these diapers, with the colorful snaps.

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