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Why Should You Switch to Cloth Menstrual Pads?

Why Choose Cloth Menstrual Pads via @chgdiapers

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Why switch to cloth pads?

Cloth pads are better for your health. Similar to disposable diapers, disposable maxi pads contain moisture absorbing chemicals and gels, bleached cottons and plastics and a whole lot of toxic fragrance. Cloth pads are chemical and fragrance free. Who would want all those toxins skin-to-skin in one of your most delicate and sensitive areas anyways?

Cloth pads are better for the planet. Disposable products accumulate over time, in your local waterways, landfills, septic and sewage facilities. Eliminate waste, reduce your carbon footprint and save your septic system by switching to washable cloth pads.

Cloth pads save you money. Reusable pads can last years and years when properly cared for. Save yourself trips to the store, the hassle of deciding what to buy when the store is out of your preferred disposable brand or style, and never get caught ON your period without anything to use again.

The average woman menstruates around 3,500 days in her lifetime; that’s a LOT of disposables to buy. Save yourself hassle and tons of money by switching to reusable menstrual products.

Cloth pads come in lots of shapes and sizes. From light day pads to postpartum pads, thong-shaped pads to overnight pads, cloth menstrual pad options are a plenty and there’s sure to be a size, shape and absorbency to suit your needs.

Cloth pads come in various fabrics. Raw silk topped pads are great for sensitive skin. Minky topped pads are luxuriously soft and less prone to staining while cotton, flannel and fleece are economical and durable. From hand-dyed to cute prints, cloth pads have more to offer than just comfortable period protection.

Cloth pads are easy to wash. Choose to wear and wash together or rinse them and wash them with your regular laundry. There’s not a whole lot to it. Cloth pads are super easy to care for and durable too. TIP: Avoid bleach, vinegar and fabric softeners. For stains, try laying your pads face up in the sun for 30 minutes to naturally lighten any discoloration that might occur.

Cloth pads are comfortable. If you haven’t tried cloth pads then you’ll truly be shocked at what you’ve been missing. No synthetic pads with plastics, sticky tape or elastics can compare to how comfortable you’ll be when you wear cloth pads.

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