Retailers Stink Stripping Washing

Yes, I’m still here.


I’m still here, and I’m still rinsing diapers!

I got my RLR laundry treatment.  I can’t keep my kiddo in disposables, even a few hours leaves his hiney with raised, red welts.  So I bought two packets and washed the diapers in two batches.  Then I rinsed, rinsed and rinsed some more.

The result was noticeable.  I still smelled ammonia after the diaper was wet, but I actually had to sniff it.  Before that, I could tell the diaper was wet because my eyes would start watering while I was holding him!

Encouraged, I ordered more RLR.  Someone pointed me to Banana Peels Diapers.  They have a great price on the RLR.  I was able to order 16 packets at $1.50 each and shipping was only $2.50.

While waiting for it to arrive, I continued to rinse like crazy.  Every time I had a diaper to wash, I threw it in the washer instead of the wet bag.  Each time I added a diaper, I ran a cycle on the washer.  If there was time between a cycle ending and the next diaper addition, I ran a cycle with no detergent.

I got the RLR today.  I washed the diapers and inserts and hung the diapers to dry.  I put the inserts in the washer with a whole packet of RLR and added boiling water.

My plan now is to just continue rinsing until I don’t see suds.  If they still smell like ammonia, they will get RLR’ed again.  When I’ve eventually knocked the smell out, I plan to use the RLR once a month or so to keep any buildup or stinkies at bay.  In fact, I really want to try some RLR on our towels!

I got quite a few other goodies today and I am washing them separately!!  So watch out for some posts over the next week or so!

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Maria Moser
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