Zest Tea – High Caffeine Without the Crash

I received free tea to review. If you click and buy, I may receive a small commission. Thank you! Between work and being in grad school full time, I need the energy boost of caffeine. I drink a cup of coffee in the morning, but sometimes that extra cup (or energy drink) later leaves me feeling just as tired, but jittery.

When companies ask to send items for review, I often decline because a) “stuff” makes me overwhelmed, b) it’s pretty time-consuming to write blog posts and time is in short supply lately. However, when I looked at Zest tea, I was pretty intrigued. It has about as much caffeine as coffee (120-150 mg) and contains L-Theanine, which is thought to improve cognitive function when combined with caffeine. The brand is also based out of Baltimore, MD so supporting a local company is pretty cool!

Zest Tea is available in sachets or loose leaf, in lots of great flavors.

Sachets are plastic-free and compostable. Chai and apple cinnamon are two of my favorite tea flavors, and Zest Tea didn’t disappoint.

For tea on-the-go, the company has cans of sparkling tea.

The blackberry lime, blood orange mango, and cucumber melon flavors have zero calories per can. The flavors I pictured above are sweetened with cane sugar and contain 60 calories per can. They have up to 150 mg of caffeine per can and aren’t too sweet or too bubbly.

I think Zest Tea has great flavors, and the energy boost without the crash is a huge bonus!

You can purchase Zest Tea as a one-time purchase, or as a subscription to save 15% (30% off your first subscription purchase).

Shop Zest Tea, follow Zest Tea on Instagram, @GetZestTea on Twitter, and Zest Tea on Facebook.

Are you a tea drinker?

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