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Cloth Diaper Giveaway Roundup

Friday means it’s time for another cloth diaper giveaway roundup. Subscribe to our RSS Feed or subscribe via email. [click to see this week’s giveaways]


@Chgdiapers interviews @Hahasforhoohas @annalindthomas

HaHas for HooHas has been cracking me up since 2011. Though I haven’t met creator Anna Lind Thomas in person, I have had the pleasure of chatting with her via email, and she is as genuinely awesome as you might expect. She’s busy with a new baby and writing hilarious stories and e-cards for HaHas, but she still made time to answer my stupid intriguing interview questions! [click to continue reading]


How to save a choking baby

Have you ever had the terrifying experience of your child choking? Would you know what to do? We’ve had a few “oh my gosh are you choking” incidents but only one really scary situation. [click to continue reading]


10 Awesome #clothdiapers for Your Little Superhero - via @chgdiapers

Here are 10 awesome cloth diapers that are perfect for your little superhero!

[click to continue reading]


Why I Love the Cloth Diaper Industry

The cloth diaper industry innovates. We’re fueled by a passion, not solely money. Even the “big” businesses in the cloth industry are small in comparison to “big” businesses in other industries, and most are still family run. Even the “biggest” have founders actively involved in the day to day business operations and when you buy from them, you’re paying for dance lessons for their daughter, not a second vacation home for the CEO (as the often shared small business meme goes). Like other small baby-related businesses, many brands and shops were founded when the family identified a problem and set out to solve it. I think the cloth diaper industry is pretty darn great. [click to continue reading]

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