Are #clothdiapers more comfortable than disposables? Because mama cloth is WAY more comfy than disposable via @chgdiapers

Are you a man? Are you squicked out by talk of monthly cycles and bleeding and lady bits? Back away slowly. I’ll wait. [click to continue reading]


Motherhood via @chgdiapers

An open letter to the lady who shot me a disgusted look and asked to move away from our table in a restaurant, because my three-year-old was throwing a fit:

Hi. You don’t know me. I’m Stacy. I’m a wife and mom to three kids born in 3.5 years during my twenties. In a breathtakingly short span of time I went from single college girl to newlywed to new mother to mother of multiples. I still wake up sometimes amazed that this is my life, thrilled and terrified that I’ve been given the opportunity to nurture these three souls. [click to continue reading]


Post contains affiliate links. I received a gift certificate to purchase an item from the new collection. I was not otherwise compensated for this post and all opinions are my own. I love Tea Collection clothing. Their styles are totally unique, and the products are thick, durable, soft and well made. Their new Germany line has bold colors and Bauhaus inspired styles for boys and girls. [click to continue reading]

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@SmartBottomsInc Born Smart newborn #clothdiapers #giveaway via @chgdiapers

Smart Bottoms manufactures Born Smart Newborn diapers in addition to their one size line. This diaper is designed to fit babies from 6-16 pounds, and consists of a 3-layer sewn in insert, plus an included 4-layer snap in insert. The diaper is made to be absorbent enough even for heavy wetters, while also being easy to wash & dry. [click to continue reading]


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