Motherhood tip - always check for toes before you close the dryer - via @chgdiapers

I was vacuuming a few weeks ago, very cognizant that my 3 year old was hot on my heels. I marveled that he’s the first of my 3 children that I haven’t managed to hit with the vacuum back swing. [click to continue reading]


Interview with #crappypictures author @AmberDusick via @chgdiapers

Post contains affiliate links. I’m a huge Crappy Pictures fan and I’m not sure there are words to express how excited I am to share this interview with Amber Dusick! One of my favorite Crappy Pictures posts is the one about cloth diapers, the good, the bad and the crappy. [click to continue reading]


Friday my 4th grader woke up with pink eye. She’s fine and I’m really proud of her for doing so well getting the eyedrops. I made her laugh with my imitation of what it feels like to wait for an eyedrop to plop into your eye (a contorted “nnngggggghhhhh… gaaahhhh” face).

Unfortunately, my husband and I both realized we’ve contracted the same illness. No, not pink eye (yet). Pink eye paranoia. Along with frequent handwashing, here are some of the symptoms: [click to continue reading]


Does Your Toddler Love Disney Collector?

by Maria Moser on December 11, 2014

in Humor,Motherhood

My son LOVES the Disney Collector YouTube Channel. I a) Don’t get it and b) Wish I’d picked toys instead of cloth diapers for my blog, ha!! My daughter had a friend spend the night and while my little guy was watching a video, they were imitating the voice & cracking up about a grown woman playing with toys on video. Well, Disney Collector is laughing all the way to the bank.

What’s Up Moms has some of videos for moms, including hilarious parodies like a mom version of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space.

If your toddler loves Disney Collector, you have to watch this parody!


Ways having a toddler is like having a cat

Have you ever had a toddler meowing at your ankles being a “kitty?” Ever considered how much a toddler really has in common with a cat? Aside from starting out tiny & adorable and being too cute to be mad at for long, toddlers and cats have even more similarities. [click to continue reading]

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