Does Your Toddler Love Disney Collector?

by Maria Moser on December 11, 2014

in Humor,Motherhood

My son LOVES the Disney Collector YouTube Channel. I a) Don’t get it and b) Wish I’d picked toys instead of cloth diapers for my blog, ha!! My daughter had a friend spend the night and while my little guy was watching a video, they were imitating the voice & cracking up about a grown woman playing with toys on video. Well, Disney Collector is laughing all the way to the bank.

What’s Up Moms has some of videos for moms, including hilarious parodies like a mom version of Taylor Swift’s Blank Space.

If your toddler loves Disney Collector, you have to watch this parody!


Ways having a toddler is like having a cat

Have you ever had a toddler meowing at your ankles being a “kitty?” Ever considered how much a toddler really has in common with a cat? Aside from starting out tiny & adorable and being too cute to be mad at for long, toddlers and cats have even more similarities. [click to continue reading]

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conversations with my 5 year old via @chgdiapers

Recently I shared with my Facebook pals, a conversation I had with my 5-year old. I was on the computer ordering gymnastics leotards for his sister, and he asked me if I could get him a new pair of pants. [click to continue reading]


Deap Mom on her iPhone via @chgdiapers

Though I have been that “mom on her iPhone at the park” checking a work email or sending a photo to Daddy while he’s on the business trip (dirty looks and all), I try to keep my eyes on my kids more than on my phone. I don’t judge others but I’m aware of the pull of technology and try to keep myself in check. Bedtime with Mommy is a story, some rocking, a little back rubbing and a kiss and hug goodnight. It has always bugged me that my husband would just sit on the rocking chair and play on his phone while my son went to sleep.

So, why did I spend the last few nights in that rocking chair with my nose in my phone? Let me back up. [click to continue reading]


Letting my kids help without losing my mind - via @chgdiapers #motherhood

If we were talking face to face, yes I would have made “air quotes” with my fingers when I said “help.” My kids really like help (“help”) and for that I’m grateful. I don’t want to squelch that desire to help and the sense of accomplishment they get when they finish….but let’s be honest here. Their help can be more of a hinderance than a help. [click to continue reading]