Tips from a Toddler - Mopping with Mom via @chgdiapers

If you were hoping for tips on how to mop with a toddler in the house, ha ha, nope! No, this is your resident toddler here to provide a much-needed service to other toddlers. How to behave when your mom (or Dad, or Aunt, or Grandma or whoever – I don’t discriminate) is mopping the floor. [click to continue reading]


Being a Mom in the era of social media can be a mixed bag. Everywhere you turn, someone is pointing their avocado at you. On the flip side, Pinterest perfect birthday parties and so called “sanctimommies” are often balanced out by breastfeeding support and cloth diapering help. I wouldn’t have made it through breastfeeding my first child without the advice of an online group and KellyMom. [click to continue reading]


@Chgdiapers interviews @Hahasforhoohas @annalindthomas

HaHas for HooHas has been cracking me up since 2011. Though I haven’t met creator Anna Lind Thomas in person, I have had the pleasure of chatting with her via email, and she is as genuinely awesome as you might expect. She’s busy with a new baby and writing hilarious stories and e-cards for HaHas, but she still made time to answer my stupid intriguing interview questions! [click to continue reading]


How to save a choking baby

Have you ever had the terrifying experience of your child choking? Would you know what to do? We’ve had a few “oh my gosh are you choking” incidents but only one really scary situation. [click to continue reading]


Motherhood tip - always check for toes before you close the dryer - via @chgdiapers

I was vacuuming a few weeks ago, very cognizant that my 3 year old was hot on my heels. I marveled that he’s the first of my 3 children that I haven’t managed to hit with the vacuum back swing. [click to continue reading]