Post contains affiliate links. If you click through and make a purchase I will receive a small commission. Products pictured/mentioned were purchased by me and I was not asked to mention them nor was I compensated to do so. We’ve handled the “birds and the bees” talks as an ongoing conversation, age appropriate and only answering what was asked. My daughter was 3 when we found out we were expecting her brother, and we purchased It’s Not the Stork in anticipation of all her questions. To my surprise, she ended up asking 10,000 questions about death, not birth! If I remember correctly, it began when she asked about Beethoven after we listened to some music, and got pretty deep! [click to continue reading]


My Kelly Wels Ambassador Post this Month

by Maria Moser on December 2, 2013

in Motherhood

daddy #clothdiapers via @kellywels ambassador @chgdiapers

I’ve been dying to caption this photo of my little guy, and it was just perfect for my post on “Daddy friendly diapers” as a Kelly Wels Ambassador. Hee-hee!

He’s also thinking “I’m not going to end up on that People of Wal-Mart site, am I? Are these PJs or clothes? Am I overdressed?”


Trying to conceive #TTC via @chgdiapers - my experiences

Post contains affiliate links. We all took health class, right? Making a baby is so easy you can do it by accident. Yeah…not so much. I used to think when I was ready to have babies, I’d have babies, but it wasn’t that easy! This post has been on my “to write” list for years and I’m finally writing it. Based on the subject, there will be a bit of “TMI,” there’s no getting around it, so you are forewarned! [click to continue reading]


@honesttoddler book #giveaway via @chgdiapers

I purchased these items myself however, this post contains affiliate links. When I found out The Honest Toddler was publishing a book, I immediately pre-ordered two. One for me and one for you. I knew it would be awesome, and I was right! [click to continue reading and enter the giveaway]


An Almost 4-Year Old & Growing Up

by Maria Moser on April 24, 2013

in Motherhood,Personal Posts

my babies are growing up!  via @chgdiapers

The other night I was rocking my son, who will be 4 at the end of May. I love when he lets me rock him, or those times when I see him fall asleep as I’m rubbing his back. [click to continue reading]