@Chgdiapers interviews @Hahasforhoohas @annalindthomas

HaHas for HooHas has been cracking me up since 2011. Though I haven’t met creator Anna Lind Thomas in person, I have had the pleasure of chatting with her via email, and she is as genuinely awesome as you might expect. She’s busy with a new baby and writing hilarious stories and e-cards for HaHas, but she still made time to answer my stupid intriguing interview questions! [click to continue reading]


How to save a choking baby

Have you ever had the terrifying experience of your child choking? Would you know what to do? We’ve had a few “oh my gosh are you choking” incidents but only one really scary situation. [click to continue reading]


Motherhood tip - always check for toes before you close the dryer - via @chgdiapers

I was vacuuming a few weeks ago, very cognizant that my 3 year old was hot on my heels. I marveled that he’s the first of my 3 children that I haven’t managed to hit with the vacuum back swing. [click to continue reading]


Interview with #crappypictures author @AmberDusick via @chgdiapers

Post contains affiliate links. I’m a huge Crappy Pictures fan and I’m not sure there are words to express how excited I am to share this interview with Amber Dusick! One of my favorite Crappy Pictures posts is the one about cloth diapers, the good, the bad and the crappy. [click to continue reading]


Friday my 4th grader woke up with pink eye. She’s fine and I’m really proud of her for doing so well getting the eyedrops. I made her laugh with my imitation of what it feels like to wait for an eyedrop to plop into your eye (a contorted “nnngggggghhhhh… gaaahhhh” face).

Unfortunately, my husband and I both realized we’ve contracted the same illness. No, not pink eye (yet). Pink eye paranoia. Along with frequent handwashing, here are some of the symptoms: [click to continue reading]