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Cloth Diaper Giveaway Roundup

Friday is cloth diaper giveaway roundup day at Change-Diapers. Subscribe to our RSS Feed or subscribe via email. [click to see this week’s giveaways]


Motherhood tip - always check for toes before you close the dryer - via @chgdiapers

I was vacuuming a few weeks ago, very cognizant that my 3 year old was hot on my heels. I marveled that he’s the first of my 3 children that I haven’t managed to hit with the vacuum back swing. [click to continue reading]


This giveaway was a bit different than I usually do, and I probably won’t do it this way again. You’re probably used to my super-easy entry giveaways so to ask that you seek out a post and pin or tweet it, then put the link in the Rafflecopter was quite a bit of effort, and I know that. I’d hoped to have readers find some great posts they missed over the past 5 years and hopefully have some new folks browsing as well. [click to continue reading and see the winner]


Interview with #crappypictures author @AmberDusick via @chgdiapers

Post contains affiliate links. I’m a huge Crappy Pictures fan and I’m not sure there are words to express how excited I am to share this interview with Amber Dusick! One of my favorite Crappy Pictures posts is the one about cloth diapers, the good, the bad and the crappy. [click to continue reading]


Applecheeks Suddenly Royal #clothdiapers

Applecheeks Introduces Suddenly Royal

Did you watch the latest Applecheeks reveal? Amy & Ilana’s videos are always so fun! [click to continue reading]