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Breastfeeding…(dun dun DUNNNNN) in PUBLIC! (GASP!)

You may have seen my post about my breastfeeding experiences, but I didn’t say much about nursing in public, A.K.A. “N.I.P.” (aside from the delivery room.) I said I was going to stay away from controversy, and breastfeeding in public seems to be full of it, even amongst breastfeeding supporters! This post is just my usual rambling about what I think. One of my many mottos is “live and let live,” so I really don’t give a Guinea pig’s patootie what you do and I am certainly not intending to shove my opinions down anyone’s throat!

I have heard so many people say they are all for a woman’s right to nurse her baby anywhere…as long as she “covers up.” But what does that even mean? There are lots of covers out there…most remind me of a beautician’s cape/raincoat or something. Some have a rigid collar so Mom can peek and see the baby without being exposed. Some throw a blanket over their shoulder/baby, or others like me wear layers. So what does “covered” mean? I’ve always worn either a nursing top, or a shirt over a tank, so I can pull one up, the other down, and keep my breast and stomach covered (believe me, I’d rather show my milk jug than my postpartum tummy, LOL.) The baby’s face covers the Janet Jackson/Superbowl portion of the whole deal.

It’s possible that someone could catch a glimpse if they were inches from me and staring directly at my chest as the baby unlatched, but I could typically tell when my little ones were getting to that point, and I’d have my other hand ready to yank my shirt down immediately.

I am pretty comfortable nursing anywhere with this method. My kids would not nurse if they were covered. They’d squirm, thrash, squeal, and generally refuse to nurse. With my layer method, I’ve nursed babes to sleep in restaurants (and enjoyed my meal-one handed-in peace and quiet!) and even nursed at the National Zoo. I fact, I’ve had people come close enough to touch the baby’s head, and they still thought s/he was sleeping!

Certainly if you are comfortable with a nursing cover, more power to you. For me, the cape dealie combined with the screeching, uncooperative baby under it feels like a flashing, neon sign advertising what I’m doing. When I’m “N.I.P.” I generally avoid eye contact with anyone, and if I feel (or see out of the corner of my eye) any nasty looks, I’ll talk to the baby, engage my daughter in conversation and/or stare off into the distance and smile sweetly. I’ve never had anyone say anything to me, and I don’t know what I’d do if someone did. The idea makes my heart pound and my cheeks flush, but I’d probably just end up crying from embarrassment!

I’ve nursed a baby while grocery shopping as well. Again, it ends up looking like I’m holding a sleeping baby, and no one’s shopping is disrupted. The other option? Carrying a screeching baby, purse and coupon book through the store, herding my daughter along (pretty soon I will be holding 1 and herding 2!), abandoning my cart while trying to find a place to nurse the baby. Many times I’d end up in the uncomfortably hot or cold car, with whiny, bored other children. Only to go back in and start all over. Both of my kids tended to want to nurse a bit more for comfort when we were away from home, and they often ended up dozing afterwards, which is a total win-win.

For whatever reason, I don’t care much about what strangers think. I’m not doing anything wrong, I’m not showing anything, and I’m doing the most convenient, least disruptive thing for everyone involved. If some stranger ends up telling their neighbor about the crazy breastfeeding lady at the store later, who cares? I’ll never know, I’ll never see them again, and they’ll forget about it by tomorrow.

I feel different about people I know. Whether I have a guest at my home, or I’m a guest in someone else’s home, I will say “do you mind if I nurse here?” Generally the answer is “oh no, go right ahead!” If someone preferred I didn’t, I would definitely ask if there was another place I could go to sit (that’s never happened.) I can’t get comfortable nursing around my in-laws (they did not nurse and were not nursed either), so I end up hiding out when they are visiting while I’m nursing. My kids aren’t typically nurse and done babies, they graze a bit, doze off a little etc. If I try to rush them to get back to the visit, it just leads to a ticked off baby and trips up and downstairs.

My Mom is funny because she will shoo my Dad away/out of the room if I’m nursing, but it doesn’t bother me (or him) one bit. *shrug* I know I made my sister’s boyfriend uncomfortable when I nursed my son across the dinner table in a little cafe, but again, he couldn’t see a thing, and we were all able to enjoy our meals (it was freezing outside and there was simply nowhere else for me to go.) He didn’t say anything, nor did my sister, so hopefully it didn’t bother them too much!

I found it interesting when I went to a “nurse-in” at the mall, and saw everyone’s various nursing styles. There were people with stomachs and breasts totally exposed, some with shirts pulled down and upper breasts exposed, and others who were more inconspicuous like me. None of it bothers me a bit personally. You could take your shirt completely off to nurse and use your nursing bra as a lasso to wrangle your other child…while I might think you were a little weird, I wouldn’t be “offended.” What makes me uncomfortable is making someone else uncomfortable. My instinct is to look at the baby, which makes it look like I’m trying to sneak a peek at the goods, LOL. So I end up having no idea where to look, and getting very squirmy while trying to have a conversation with a nursing mama.

At the “nurse in” I couldn’t help but think that the most “free” breastfeeding mamas were still showing far less skin than at least half of the teenage girls walking around the mall (that are supposedly “fully clothed”) and I won’t even talk about people’s bathing suit coverage! The way I see it, if you see something that offends you, look away. When I took my kids to the carnival, there was a “young man” wearing a shirt that read in big, bold letters “I may be shy, but I have a big …” only his shirt had the d word that rhymes with kick instead of “…” I find that (and those “dangly things” people put on the back of their pickup trucks) to be rather tactless, distasteful, and just plain yucky. So, I look away. Unfortunately having a child who can read makes it more difficult!! For the record, I’m not a total prude, if he wanted to wear that to a bar or something, fine, but why would you wear that at 6 P.M. somewhere that’s full of little kids? Bah.

The other “issue” is that people have different “cut offs” for when a baby is “too old” to nurse in public. Again, I don’t really care what other people do. Though both of my kids nursed until almost two (and my son nursed a lot) no one other than my husband and Mom really knew they were “still nursing” since I was able to distract/delay them a bit as they got older. Well, except the time my 16 month old daughter saw an infant nursing and suddenly decided she needed to “nuss…NUSS!!” right NOW! I thought it was cute, but I realize a lot of people think it’s “gross.”

I was reading a book by Dr. Leman, and I thought it was pretty decent until I read a seemingly random paragraph basically saying that any mother who nursed past 12 months was doing it for selfish reasons and essentially needed some therapy. OK yes, I know I’m taking liberties here but it was enough to make my blood boil and cause my hubby to have to listen to a 10 minute rant about what an idiot this guy is, followed by a vow to boycott him forever. We were outside working in the yard with the radio on last week and some commercial about his wife came on. My husband was confused since I started a mumbling rant about her idiot husband, tee-hee!

Anyhoo, the most recent breastfeeding statistics for Maryland I could find, actually show Maryland’s rates as slightly higher than the national. I find that truly shocking since it seems so rare (and really, the rates are still pretty abyssmal.)

Other than the nurse in, I recall two three occasions where I saw another mom breastfeeding. I almost don’t count the first since it was in the “nursing lounge” a.k.a. bathroom at Nordstrom. Another time, we were eating at a festival at the farm near our house, and saw a mom nursing. I was so surprised and pleased to see another nursing mom, that I think I looked at her a few seconds too long, and she gave me a dirty look. Whoops.

The last time was actually not too long ago at Target. It was a rare trip without the kiddos, and as I was walking out the door, I saw a Mom with 2 other kids, what looked like her Mom, nursing a baby under one of the big cape cover dealies. Again, I was so surprised, that I gave her a double take. I’m not the type to say anything to anyone, but I made the split second decision to tell her she was full of the awesome and to rock on (not my exact words.) We ended up chatting for a few minutes and I left feeling all warm & fuzzy. Really, I thought about how a quick kind word would probably stick with me for the rest of my life, whereas I’d probably take the double take (like I gave her) as negative.

Are you comfortable nursing in public? Do you feel different nursing around strangers vs. people you know?

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Yoomi Self Warming Baby Bottle Winner

Yoomi Winner

After a few accidental duplicate entries were deleted, 122 people entered this giveaway, with 202 entries in all. Remember that my screen shot shows “1 day left” since I end my giveaways at 9:00 P.M. instead of Rafflecopter’s 12:01 A.M.

The winning entry is #63, which is Coley R. Congrats Coley, I’ve sent you an email so you can claim your prize!

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Cloth Diapers Newborn Diapers One Size Diapers Pocket Diapers Review Sized Diapers Velcro/Aplix Closure

Happy Heinys XS vs. Mini One Size Pocket Newborn Diapers – Comparison

Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 1

Last month, I posted a Happy Heinys XS/newborn pocket diaper review and a Happy Heinys mini one size diaper review. Now I’m going to compare the two!

Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 2 mediumHappy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 4 back
Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 5 side

The mini one size actually gets a bit smaller than the XS, rise-wise. Above is the XS (brown w/blue hibiscus print) vs the mini one size (pink) on the medium setting.

Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 6 one size vs mini smallHappy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 7 xs vs os small

You can see that the XS isn’t much smaller (rise-wise) than the Happy Heinys One Size, while the mini one size is a bit smaller. However, the XS is definitely narrower through the crotch.

Here’s the smallest setting of the mini one size (pink) folded and stretched, vs the XS pocket (brown w/blue hibiscus.)

Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 8 small mini os foldedHappy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 9 small mini os stretched

Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 10 xs foldedHappy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 11 xs stretched

Both have the same velcro closures, but the front panel of the XS (on top in the right photo) is a bit smaller/narrower than the mini one size.

Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 12 closuresHappy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 13 front panel

The XS doesn’t have encased leg elastic, which is supposed to be more gentle.

Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 14 elasticHappy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 15 inners

They both have the same inner as well. I think the XS is a good bit narrower through the middle than the mini one size, so I’d expect it to be less bulky on tiny babies. Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the insert for either one, so I don’t know how they compare!

Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 16 mini os smallHappy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 17 mini os small back
Happy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 18 xs frontHappy Heinys XS VS Mini OS 19 xs back

Once on my “model” you can’t tell too much of a difference. Again, I think the rise on the mini one size (pink) is a bit lower than the XS, but the XS is a little narrower.

The mini one size diaper retails for $17.95 (with two inserts), and will take you from the newborn stage, until the one-size diapers fit (the largest size of the mini is very similar to the smallest size of the o/s…see the mini one size review for photos.) Happy Heinys’ Weight range on these is 4-15 pounds.

The XS pocket diaper retails for $18.95 (with one insert), and thus far, I haven’t been able to find an estimated weight range for them. They do have the benefit of being a little bit narrower, and the un-encased leg elastic is supposed to be gentler (I prefer encased.)

For $1 less, the mini-one size gets you an additional insert, and more sizing flexibility, so it seems like a “no-brainer” to me.

What do you think?

FTC compliance: I purchased the above products myself, with a coupon code. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.

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Mailbox Mondays

Mailbox Mondays 8/29/11 – My Reviews

Cloth Diaper Advice

Every Monday, I answer questions readers have asked, and ask my other readers to weigh in too.

Questions don’t have to be cloth diaper related, just email maria at with “Mailbox Mondays” in the subject, or fill out my contact form for readers, which you will always be able to find on my Contact Page.


Well, since nobody submitted a question today, I’m going to talk a little about how I review. No one has specifically asked, but I’m sure someone has wondered. If you have a question for me, be sure to admit (typo, I meant to say submit but that’s pretty funny) it. It can be about diapers, baby wearing, breastfeeding, parenting, blogging…it doesn’t matter! It can be a personal question too, just be nice. Don’t ask me why my thighs get pregnant too (I have no idea.)

So, how do I do my reviews?

You may have noticed that I try to keep my diaper reviews pretty objective. That’s because each person’s preferences really differ. Even after all the cloth diaper reviews I’ve done, my favorite diapers are still pocket diapers with stay dry inners and (good) velcro closures. You might love fitteds, cotton inners or snaps. If I tried to be totally subjective, every fitted or prefold review would be “well, I’d like it better if it were a pocket diaper…” 😉

Basically, I try to review each item thoroughly based on what it is. I always include lots of pictures of things you may not see on manufacturer’s or retailers sites (close ups of pocket openings, closures, stitching etc.) I measure the diapers as accurately as possible and describe all of the diaper’s features. I try to avoid copying & pasting large chunks of texts from the sponsor’s website, since you can go there and read it if you like. I try to include the manufacturer’s size range too. Though I really can’t test the size range (and it always varies based on your child’s size and shape) I will mention if I find the diaper snugger, narrower or lower rise than other diapers and/or if I have to put my son in a smaller or larger size than usual.

Naturally, if I notice craftsmanship issues, or if I have a problem with fit, leaking or wicking, I will definitely mention that. If I have a problem, I always contact the manufacturer, and in that case, the customer service experience becomes part of my review too!

I want my reviews to be a resource for you to find information about diapers that you can’t find elsewhere. I don’t want to give a diaper “3 stars” because it doesn’t fit my son as well as it would a chubbier baby. I’d rather show you the diaper, tell you my son’s weight & age, show you the pics and let you decide if it would fit your baby the same. I also try to use a diaper for around 2 weeks before writing my review, and if I have issues with it later and/or my opinion changes, I will write an updated opinion post like this one and update the original post.

I find detergent reviews to be much more difficult. I struggled for nearly 6 months with stink, stripping, constant washing and rinsing, and all kind of detergents and additives. I’ve found a detergent and wash routine that’s been working for me for nearly a year and a half now. If you’ve been around for a while, you’ll know that my motto is “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” If you have a detergent and wash routine that works for you, and you’re not having any issues, don’t mess with it!

I really, really wish I could tell you that “Jenny’s Super Amazing Diaper Wash” was the magical detergent that would work for everyone in all situations, but it’s just not possible. Detergents that work for hundreds, if not thousands of cloth diaperers, don’t work for me. A detergent that I love may not work for you, even if we have the same washer, water and wash routine! That’s just the way it is!

That makes it hard to review detergents. Doubly so because in my experience, it takes repeated washings to show whether or not a detergent works for me, and I often receive only enough for one (or maybe a few) washings. Since I wash every 3rd day now, and have a good 4+ days worth of diapers in my rotation, it would take a few weeks to really see what a detergent can do for me.

Since I’ve already found detergent that works for me, I’d rather spend my money elsewhere, rather than buy more detergents to test. Especially since whether or not it works for me really means nothing for you.

Still, I do detergent reviews occasionally. I try to tell you ingredients (specifically what it doesn’t contain) photos, cost, scents, where to buy, how much you need to use, and how it worked for me (as best I can.) I’m not even sure how helpful that is, but at least when there’s a giveaway you have the chance to win a full size product to try!

I know my reviews tend to be a little more narrative (i.e. blather-y) than neat & tidy bullet point/star rating reviews, but that’s just how I operate I guess!

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Friday Giveaway Linky Giveaways Linky

Cloth Diaper Giveaways – Roundup for 8/26/11 (Plus Linky for All Giveaways)

Cloth Diaper Giveaway Roundup

Time to win some cloth diaper giveaways! Every Friday, I hunt down cloth diaper, accessory and baby wearing giveaways for you to enter.

If you’d like me to list your cloth diaper, accessory, baby wearing (etc.) giveaway next week, send a link and description to maria at, or Fill out my contact form for readers.

Yoomi Self Warming Bottle 1

Eco Sprout 2

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer

This week’s giveaway is two Swaddlebees Simplex AIO Cloth Diapers

6 Rumparooz Diapers from Kelly Wels (ends ?) entry is on Facebook

*Prizes from Fuzzibunz (no set end date, ends at 25k fans) Entry is through Facebook app, must “like” them on Facebook to enter

*Naturoli Soap Nuts from Jem’s Room Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/26)

Kozy Carrier from Doable Diapers (ends 8/26) GD

Best Bottom Diaper from Diaper Safari and AMRC Giveaways Mandatory GFC follow, Facebook “like” and comment (ends 8/26) GD

*Baby Snickerdoodles Wool Soaker from Eco-Babyz (ends 8/27)

*Smartipants Newborn Diaper or Cover from Eco-Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*Alva Baby Diaper from Midnight Mommy (ends 8/27) RC

*Fuzzibunz Diaper & Wet Bag from Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*Ecobubs Diaper from Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*Rumparooz Diaper from Cloth Bottom and Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*GoGreen Champ from Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*$20 Fluffy Rump GC from Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*Thirsties Fab Wipes & Booty Luster fromEco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*Sunbaby Diaper from Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*Hippeez Fitted from Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*Tiny Tike Diaper from Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27)

*Grasshopper Diaper from Eco Babyz Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/27) Open to the U.S. and Canada

*Bummis Wraps from Fluffy Rump and Cloth Diaper Geek (ends 8/27) Open to the U.S., PR and Canada

*Fuzzibunz Diaper from In the Know Mom (ends 8/28)

Grasshopper Diapers from Happily Domestic (ends 8/28) Open to the U.S. and Canada

Fuzzibunz Diaper from Shaky Mommy Mandatory Facebook “like” (ends 8/28) RC

Softbums Diaper from Our Growing Garden Mandatory GFC follow (ends 8/28) RC

*Itti Bitti Diaper from Baby Dickey’s Giveaways (ends 8/29) RC

*Cloth Diaper Package from Petite Bottoms and Dibs (ends 8/29) Open to the U.S. and Canada GD

*Mother-Ease Diaper & Cover from Girly Girl Giveaways (ends 8/29)

*Tiny Tush Diaper from Better Cloth Diapers and The B Keeps Us Honest (ends 8/29)

Drybees and Rocky Mountain Diaper from Cloth Diaper Market and Happily Domestic (ends 8/29)

Fuzzibunz Hanging Diaper Pail, Snappi & Diaper Liners from Basic Baby and The Cloth Diaper Convert (ends 8/29)

Applecheeks Little Bundles-6 Winners (ends 8/29) RC

*Beco Gemini Carrier from Nicki’s Diapers (ends 8/30)

Smartipants Diaper from Letters from Momma Mandatory Facebook “like” (ends 8/30 12:01 A.M.) RC

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Best Bottom Diaper from Cloth Diaper Addiction (ends 8/31) GD

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Snap-EZ GC from Mommy and Me Giveaways Mandatory GFC follow (ends 9/5) Open to the U.S. and Canada RC

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Smartipants Diaper from 29 Diapers (ends 9/5)

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Piddle Poddles Diaper & Shirt from Happily Domestic (ends 9/6) Open to the U.S. and Canada

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*Knickernappies Diaper from Wee Little Changes (ends 9/8)

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Fuzzibunz or Rumparooz Diaper from Changing Diapers and Goodbye Disposable, Hello Cloth Mandatory GFC follow (ends 9/8) Open to the U.S. and Canada RC

BambinoBums Diaper from Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot and Organic Mama Mandatory Facebook “like” (ends 9/8) RC

Applecheeks Diaper from Grinning Cheek to Cheek (ends 9/9) Open to the U.S. and Canada

GroVia AIO Cloth Diaper from A Mom’s Take (ends 9/9)

Thirsties Duo Diaper from Grinning Cheek to Cheek (ends 9/9) Open to the U.S. and Canada

Bumgenius Elemental from Sweetbottoms Baby Boutique and Grinning Cheek to Cheek (ends 9/9) Open to the U.S. and Canada

WAHMies Diaper from The Mommy Goods (ends 9/13) GD

Happy Green Wool Dryer Balls from One Smiley Monkey Mandatory GFC follow (ends 9/14) Open to the U.S. and Canada RC

*10 Itti Bitti Tutto Diapers & Wetbag from Diapershops (ends 9/15) Entry is on Facebook

Babee Greens Wool Shorties from Eco Babyz Mandatory vote (ends 9/15)

Smartipants Diaper from The Nurse Mommy Mandatory Facebook “like” (ends 9/15)

*Beco Gemini Carrier from Monkey Tales Mandatory GFC follow (ends 9/16) RC

$100 Ultimate Green Store GC from Mommy and Me Giveaways Mandatory newsletter subscription and GC follow (ends 9/18)

$10 Everything Birth GC from Fluffy Bums (ends 10/12) RC

*giveaways that have been listed in a prior week’s roundup
RC Entries collected via Rafflecopter
GD Entries collected via Google Docs Form

You may enter any “family friendly” giveaway in the linky below. The form Blog name – Giveaway Item – Ending date works well. Please at least include the item and end date, and link directly to the giveaway.

View my where I list my giveaways post, to find more places to link up your giveaways!

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