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Babykicks Newborn/Small Hemp Prefold Photo Review


babykicks hemp prefold

It’s no secret that I’m more of a pocket diaper type Mama than a prefold Mama, but I’ve heard great things about Babykicks hemp prefolds.  I wanted to something to go with a newborn wrap I bought with a gift card (I know, I know…it’s an illness!) so I snagged a newborn/small size from sewcraftybaby for $6.59, less a new customer discount, and got free shipping too!

hemp organic cotton blend prefold

Babykicks are hemp and organic cotton, and are 2 layers on the sides and 3 in the middle.
Here it is before prepping (washing and drying about 3 times to remove the natural oils and fluff up the fibers.):
babykicks prefold width before prepping babykicks prefold length before prepping
Here it is after prepping (you can see how much fluffier it got):
babykicks newborn prefold width after prepping babykicks small prefold length after prepping

Here it is on my newborn stand in (I know I need some practice with prefolds!):

snappied small babykicks prefold

The prefolds are available in small, medium, large and extra-large and also make great pocket diaper stuffers!

Update after using on baby.

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