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Bambino Mio Solo AIO Cloth Diaper Review

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Change-Diapers received a product at no cost for review purposes. We were not otherwise compensated for this post and all opinions are our own. I’ll be honest, I was disappointed that I didn’t get to try a Bambino Mio MioSolo AIO while my kids were in diapers! I played with it before sending to Katie to test and I think it’s safe to say we both love it.

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The one-size design will fit most children from birth to potty training (depending on baby’s size/shape of course).

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The MioSolo comes with hook & loop closures with laundry tabs (no snap option).

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The stay-dry liner is incredibly soft.

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The tongue style insert makes it easy to get the diaper clean and dry, even if you hang dry like Katie does. The tab system (the loops you can see on the insert) helps you remove the insert without getting a fistful of saturated fabric, though it’s not necessary to unstuff before washing. The pocket allows you to easily to add a booster to the pocket for night time heavy wetters like Katie’s son and makes it easy to tuck the insert in.

Here are some pictures of these features in action:

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Katie loved the Woodland print and the fit on her 31ish pound 1.5 year old.

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The MioSolo is $19.99 for solid colors and $21.99 for prints.

Shop Bambino Mio USA, “like” Bambino Mio USA on Facebook, follow @BambinoMio on Twitter as well as on Instagram, on Pinterest and on YouTube.

Have you tried a Bambino Mio MioSolo AIO?

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