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Charlie Banana Diaper Review

Katie received a free diaper for review. Charlie Banana diapers are made by Winc Design Limited in Hong Kong. After many years in the Toy and Juvenile industries, the president of Winc Design Limited, Gaelle Wizenberg decided to create Charlie Banana. Charlie Banana was created as a collection of baby and children’s products that combine eco-friendliness, quality and design all in one brand. When Gaelle created Charlie Banana she took inspiration from her two children. Her son Zachary calls her daughter Charlie, “Charlie Banana” and with that, Charlie Banana came to life!

Charlie Banana Diaper Review Charlie Banana Diaper Review

Charlie Banana sent us the Fluorescent Turquoise one size diaper to review.

Charlie Banana Diaper Review Charlie Banana Diaper Review

If you’re not familiar with Charlie Banana at all, they’re a one size diaper without the snap down rise settings. They have a patent-pending “bra-strap” design that includes a triple bar buckle, which allows for a more secure fit around your kiddos legs. This sounds like it could be intimidating to figure out, but I can tell you that I immediately figured it out and fitted it to my kiddo’s legs pretty quickly. Which I thought would take some time with him being a little chunky guy. We’ve been using it on the medium setting for my son. The one size diapers fit babies from around 0-36 months or 6-35 pounds. My kiddo is around 30 ish pounds and he’s using it on the medium setting. So I’m pretty confident this diaper will fit straight up to potty training.

Charlie Banana Diaper Review Charlie Banana Diaper Review

The Charlie Banana diaper comes with two deluxe inserts. The top of both inserts is fleece while the bottom is polyester and nylon. One insert medium/large insert and one insert is size small. So you can use the smaller insert when your baby is tiny then move up the  medium/large insert when your kiddo starts to out wet the small insert. If you have a heavy wetter, you definitely will want to consider using both inserts. We currently just use one insert during the day, two for naps and two if we’re doing longer trips. You could also use both inserts as a nighttime diaper depending on how heavily your kiddo wets.

Charlie Banana Diaper Review Charlie Banana Diaper Review

There are a couple ways you can use your diaper. You can use it by stuffing the insert(s) inside of the diaper or you can lay the insert(s) on top of the diaper shell since the top of the inserts has the fleece lining. This is a huge plus if you don’t enjoy stuffing diapers or in a rush. You can also stuff one inside the diaper and lay the other on the top. The pocket opening on the diaper is in the front instead of the back like most diapers typically are designed. This makes it easy to readjust the inserts when needed.

Charlie Banana Diaper Review Charlie Banana Diaper Review

It’s always nice hearing about companies donating to charities, Charlie Banana is no exception. They donate to a charity called Operation Smile. This charity works to provide free dental surgeries to children around the world to repair cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities. They also donate to an organization called Project Child Save, which is a non-profit organization devoted to locating and recovering child trafficking victims.

If you’re looking for places to buy Charlie Banana diapers, they have a retailer locator, or you can order direct. In addition to their one-size diapers, they carry nursing pads, diaper pails, laundry detergent, swim diapers and so more. Prefer natural fibers? Charlie Banana has one-size diapers with an organic cotton lining and hemp inserts!

One-size diapers retail for $22.88 and are backed by a great warranty.

You can stay in touch with Charlie Banana on Facebook and @lovecharliebanana on Instagram for promotions & giveaways.

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