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Cloth Diaper Advice – Mailbox Mondays – 10/29/12 – Solid Foods

Solid food & #clothdiapers via @chgdiapers

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Karissa would like to know:

Anything on baby led weaning/solids…easiest foods…any advice about first foods…best way to handle the diaper poop transition to solids.

When I first heard about baby led weaning, it seemed scary to me. Both of my older kids have choked at one point or another and it was terrifying. However, the more I read about it, the more I realized it was actually what I was doing! I did homemade purees for my kids, but they were never crazy about them and didn’t eat much in the way of solid foods until they could feed themselves.

I always gave bite sized pieces of easily “chewable” foods, and followed their lead. I have also been cautious as far as allergies…introducing one food at a time, and waiting until they’ve been exposed 4 times before introducing another. I gave the kiddos what we were eating as much as possible such as veggies or potatoes. Ripe, soft bananas make a great finger food too. My youngest son is great at pushing things out of his mouth when necessary, and was eating steak at 8 months old, with no teeth!

I always nursed first until they were over a year old, and I never pushed it. I simply let them eat what they wanted, when they wanted.

Some people start using disposable liners or a diaper sprayer once they introduce solids, but I’ve never done either. I don’t change my routine until there is enough…umm…”output” to plop or scrape off the diaper. I remove what I can, then it goes into the wash!

Do you have advice for Karissa??

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