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Cloth Diapers at #ABCKids15

Post contains affiliate links. I spent a lot of my time at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo in cloth diaper booths because, well..obviously. I’ve already shared the new Bumgenius/Cottonbabies products with you but there is so much more. Some products aren’t available yet so I’m trying to make sense of my chicken scratch notes. Accuracy not guaranteed. 😉

Applecheeks at #ABCKids15

The Applecheeks booth was a fun place to get a glitter tattoo and I managed to time my Instagram video perfectly to capture their accessory reveal!

Their Little Learners Learning Pants come in Small (18-25 lbs), Medium (25-35 lbs) and Large (30-45+ lbs) and are perfect to catch small accidents.

The poly cotton blend pants have a PUL lining to prevent leaks, a microfiber soaker and a pocket to add more absorbency.

Applecheeks at #ABCKids15 (2)

As a short person I was lucky to snag a good spot for the accessory reveal!

Patiently waiting for the @applecheeksdipe #clothdiapers reveal!

A photo posted by Maria (@chgdiapers) on

Watch the reveal video below:

@applecheeksdipe #clothdiapers accessory reveal!!

A video posted by Maria (@chgdiapers) on

It’s Babylegs!

@applecheeksdipe #clothdiapers babylegs!

A photo posted by Maria (@chgdiapers) on

They match Irrelephant and Parade!

@applecheeksdipe #clothdiapers babylegs

A photo posted by Maria (@chgdiapers) on


@applecheeksdipe #clothdiapers branded babylegs to match prints!

A photo posted by Maria (@chgdiapers) on

I haven’t tried Bambino Mio diapers but I popped by to take a photo of some of their prints!

Bambino Mio at #ABCKids15

Bambino Mio at #ABCKids15 2

Blueberry added 6 new colors for a beautiful rainbow.

Blueberry at #ABCKids15

Bumkins got a fresh new look just in time for the show.

Bumkins at #ABCKids15 4

How cute are these superhero diapers with capes?!

Bumkins at #ABCKids15 2

I spied Geffen Baby in Eyla’s booth!

Eyla's Geffen Baby at #ABCKids15

They had a nice display of all the products.

Eyla's Geffen Baby at #ABCKids15 2

Even a baby for practice.

Eyla's Geffen Baby at #ABCKids15 3

Matt from Nappy Shoppe was hanging out answering questions about Geffen and it was fun to talk to another Geffen Baby fan(atic). 🙂

Eyla's Geffen Baby at #ABCKids15 4

GroVia had a prime location right at the bottom of the escalator this year. We saw Cherry & Julep at the new product showcase the night before the show started, but the “mood lighting” for the event made the colors look strange. Much better in more light! Oh, and what’s that to the right? Oh yes, it’s a zippered wet bag! These bags have a snap open loop handle, durable zip closure and hold 4-6 diapers. At just $10 each you can afford to get both Cherry and Julep. I think they both look great with the gray zippers.

GroVia at #ABCKids15

On the one hand I was excited about these new swim diapers, but on the other hand it makes me sad since my son is potty trained!

GroVia at #ABCKids15 2

The swim diapers have snap closures and a soft terry interior.

GroVia at #ABCKids15 3 GroVia at #ABCKids15 4

GroVia at #ABCKids15 5

Size 1 fits 10-19 pounds, size 2 16-33 pounds and size 3 25-50 pounds. I love these fun prints!

GroVia at #ABCKids15 6

O.N.E. is available in Ophelia and adventure prints.

GroVia at #ABCKids15 7

O.N.E. soakers are now available for purchase separately. This diaper is an all-in-one and is not intended to swap out inserts at diaper changes. That said, occasionally families misplaced a soaker or wanted to double up at nap/bedtime and now they can!

GroVia at #ABCKids15 8

I got a tour of the Planet Wise/Imagine/Best Bottom booth and posted it on Periscope. Watch the replay below!

Imagine Best Bottoms PlanetWise at #ABCKids15 2

New wet bag prints!

Imagine Best Bottoms PlanetWise at #ABCKids15 3

Imagine Best Bottoms PlanetWise at #ABCKids15 4

Look at these adorable wool longies!

Imagine Best Bottoms PlanetWise at #ABCKids15

I know everyone was excited for the Rumparooz Tokodoki prints!

Rumparooz Tokidoki #clothdiapers at #abckids15 !

A photo posted by Maria (@chgdiapers) on

Kangacare Rumparroz at #ABCKids15 4

Check out the banners!

Kangacare Rumparroz at #ABCKids15

Tokijoy (lighter – Mint Chip or Peacock trim on covers) and Tokisweet (darker – Phantom or Sherbert trim on covers) are available today in changing pads, doll diapers, pockets, covers, Lil Joeys and wet bags.

Kangacare Rumparroz at #ABCKids15 2 Kangacare Rumparroz at #ABCKids15 3

Folks in the booth were even sporting matching sleeves! Creator Julie is second from the right.

Kangacare Rumparroz at #ABCKids15 5

I stopped by to visit with Luludew and got the tour from Renee of Earth Baby Boutique.

Luludew at #ABCKids15 2

They have imported fitteds, covers, AIOs and newborn diapers

Luludew at #ABCKids15 3

They also have USA made food safe wet bags and wipes.

Luludew at #ABCKids15

The colors in the Sloomb booth make it hard not to buy all the wool.

Sloomb at #ABCKids15

Their Playwoolies are machine washable, 100% merino wool leggings in sizes 0-5T!

Sloomb at ABCKids15 2

Smartbottoms at #ABCKids15 2

Smartbottoms gave me a tour of what’s new via Periscope. Watch the replay below!

The wet bags look awesome and I was wishing I’d had one on the trip for laundry!

Smartbottoms at #ABCKids15

Snuggy Baby showed me their unique AI2 that gets super tiny to fit newborns.

Snuggybaby at #ABCKids15 2 Snuggybaby at #ABCKids15 3

The AI2 has cotton or cotton/hemp inserts with a stay dry lining and a petal design.

Snuggybaby at #ABCKids15 4

Super Undies has new prints in their hybrid trainers.

Super Undies at #ABCKids15

This 80’s child’s ears perked up at Rainbow Brite, Alien Invasion, Dynamite and Heroes Unite.

Super Undies at #ABCKIDS15 2>

Sweet Pea has several great new prints.

Sweet Pea at #ABCKids15

I also got a closer look at their bamboo viscose fitted!

Sweet Pea at #ABCKids15 4 Sweet Pea at #ABCKids15 3

Thirsties did it again with their Woodland Collection.

Thirsties at #ABCKids15 3

Fallen leaves, Mountain Range, Woodland, Aspen Grove and Moss are available in OS AIO, Duo Wrap, Newborn AIO and Wet Bags.

Thirsties at #ABCKids15

Jessica & David:

Thirsties at #ABCKids15 4

Jessica, Sadler & David:

Thirsties at #ABCKids15 5

Tidy Tots introduced snap closure covers and showed off their great prints.

Tidy Tots at #ABCKids15 2 Tidy Tots at #ABCKids15 5

Tidy Tots at #ABCKids15 Tidy Tots at #ABCKids15 4

They increased the absorbency of their boosters so much that you can use one no fold diaper and a booster for the same absorbency as one no fold and three boosters in the old style!

Tidy Tots at #ABCKids15 3

Finally, Tots Bots. (Yes in case you didn’t notice I organized my photos alphabetically for simplicity’s sake!)

Tots Bots at #ABCKids15

Here is Magnus and their U.S. distributors Tiny Marigold (also The Green Nursery) posing in front of the Peenut AI2s.

So phew, there you have it. Still to come: all the other baby & family goodies I saw! This is my third year attending ABC but I still have a lot to learn about planning, visiting, photographing and note taking, that’s for sure. The show is so huge I know I missed some booths I wanted to visit! At least this year I got my shoe situation under control and didn’t have to limp home. 😉

What was your favorite cloth diaper release?

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