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CupCake Nursing Pads from Cake Lingerie – Review

@cakelingerie nursing pads via @chgdiapers

Katie received a pair of nursing pads free for review. Change-Diapers was not otherwise compensated for this post, and all opinions are Katie’s. Cake Lingerie is a company that was created to empower pregnant and breastfeeding women and to make them look and feel great during this period in their lives. They have a wide variety of nursing and maternity wear including bras, sleepwear and underwear. Washable CupCake nursing pads are a new addition to their collection and are made from natural, organic cotton and hemp.

They are extremely soft against your skin and you can’t really tell they’re there. They are slim enough to not be noticeable but absorbent enough to do their job. The CupCake nursing pads have an absorbent inner and a leak proof barrier to guard against leaks and wetness. They’ve taken nursing pads to a whole new level by making them pocketed so you can add additional liners if you need more absorbency for night or if you just generally leak heavier. A huge benefit to using the CupCake nursing pads is that you only need one pad! You can add an extra insert into the pocket to create more absorbency. So you won’t have to spend extra money for heavy flow pads and lite flow pads.

@cakelingerie nursing pads via @chgdiapers

When you purchase the CupCake nursing pads you will receive the washable pads which are 115mm in diameter and made from organic cotton. (This is the outer part of the nursing pad) You can fit up to two additional liners inside for extra absorbency. They are lightly contoured for discretion and are ultra comfortable and soft! You will also get the washable liners which are the inserts that go inside of the pocket.

@cakelingerie nursing pads via @chgdiapers

The hemp and cotton fleece liners are lightweight yet super absorbent. They fit perfectly inside of the nursing pad and are 92mm in diameter. All you have to do is slide the liners right inside of the nursing pad. Depending on the flow of your milk, you can use one for medium flow or more for a heavy flow.

@cakelingerie nursing pads via @chgdiapers

I really wish I had these when my son was first born because I leaked really heavily right at the beginning. With my first son I used disposable nursing pads which were irritating. With my second son, I used a few different types of nursing pads but I leaked so heavily that not a lot of them worked for me and some were uncomfortable to wear. These would have worked perfectly instead of trying several different types out. I wanted to see how noticeable they were so I put one in and left one out and I really cannot tell a difference. It’s almost like the pad isn’t even there!

@cakelingerie nursing pads via @chgdiapers

CupCake nursing pads will be available for purchase at the end of September. Shop Cake Lingerie, “like” Cake Lingerie on Facebook and follow @cakelingerie on Twitter.

Do you use reusable nursing pads?

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